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LeBron James discusses playing and leading the Los Angeles Lakers to victory while under the weather. LeBron also responds to tampering claims about New …



  1. People have to remember that the Pelicans need to want to fit these guys (Hart, Ball, Pope etc) in their line-up.

    If the Pelicans' coach can't do that, why would he make a deal? What is the real benefit in throwing a bunch of average dudes into your roster? I meana is that what they are getting in exchange for AD? A healthier a bench? Lol. Come on! Let's cut all the crap and look at it from BOTH teams perspectives. Put yourself in the position of the Pelicans' coach?

    Hart and Caldwell Pope are mediocre shooters at best. I don't know why people rate Hart so highly, may be coz he has swag? I personally don't see what he brings that is anything special. Incredibly average at dribbling and cutting in from the wing to get to the basket and can get hot from beyond the 3 point line once in a while. Big deal?

    Kuzma is the only dude that would draw his interest. Only real asset Lakers have. It's easy to say give up 3-4 players and then you'll get Davis, but Pelicans need to be INTERESTED in FITTING those 3-4 players in their lineup. Randle > Ingram all day, every day. Ingram would make the Pelicans' roster, for sure, but does he want to be playing off the bench? No. Probably not. Then there's the issue of cap space.

    Lakers are not giving away Kuzma as part of the deal. Not unless Magic Johnson is stupid. He isn't stupid, so there's no chance. Remember Kuzma still only 23 and has a lot of potential upside, especially if developing alongside Bron.

    The only way to have the Pelicans accept I feel, would be to offer them a Big combined with the others. Someone who could/would make their line-up in replacing Davis.

    Offer them Javal McGee + Hart, Caldwell-Pope and Ingram. McGee is 30 but has at least 3-4 years left at the top of the game & we know Bigs can go on longer than athletic forwards and shooters. + He would soften the blow SLIGHTLY from losing AD.

    Caldwell-Pope is a solid shooter, but nothing special, they may be able to use him in rotation along with Hart, who is the same as the Pope but mixed race. Ingram they don't need, but probably wouldn't mind throwing him in a rotation system behind Randle at power forward. (If he's content with that)


    If they say they want Ball over Hart or Caldwell-Pope, take that too. All the Ball fans are deluded. If you forget about his father and the reality TV series, he is just a regular guy that got drafted from college as a top 5 pick. Only thing is he can't shoot.

    Without them getting a Big from the Lakers, I don't see the deal happening. They would rather entertain offers from the Celtics. Rozier is a better point guard than Ball in my honest opinion, on the pure basis he can shoot 50 x better. Why have a back-up point guard who can only pass and defend at NBA standards?

    As for losing Mcgee, you already have Zubac at Center who IMO has shown he has the potential to be better than McGee within time. Chandler isn't going anywhere and will keenly sign another year to play in a rotation system. Davis plays power forward, but slips into doing some of the duties of a Center anyway with screens, blocks and steals using his length, anyway.

  2. Once again, LeBron proving why Michael Jordan will ALWAYS be the GOAT over LeBron. The guy has to try to surround himself with NBA All-Stars. It is pathetic. "Hey LeBron, try to win without an all-star team behind you for a change".

  3. Lmao like hoe with no shame. “It’s who I am” Fake answers, fake smile, fake everything. He’s a beast on the court though, even though many of his fans like to cover up his flaws. The Drama King, “ Anything I saw will generate in the media!”

  4. LeHelp is done!He don't deserve Anthony Davis!He went to Miami and sucked Wade's career and damn near ruined Kyrie Irving!No more gettin saved for this washed up bum!He finals record will forever be 3-6.Bronsexuals live in this fantasy world where everything revolves around one player and they hate to face the truth.


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