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That’s the view of NBA expert Stephen A. Smith.

LeBron James has only been at the Lakers for a year, after he signed a three-year contract last year as a free agent.

But already there has been talk that he is unhappy in Los Angeles.

The Lakers missed out on the playoffs after a poor season, having won just 35 games, and were left in disarray after a failed trade move for Anthony Davis back in February.

And their season went from bad to worse at the end of the regular season, as Johnson suddenly resigned as president of basketball operations.

Johnson did not tell anybody that he was leaving, instead opting to give an impromptu press conference to announce his decision.

And speaking on his HBO show ‘The Shop’, James detailed how he found out about the news had got to him.

“I came here to be a part of the Lakers organisation, having a conversation with Magic and really kind of breaking it down and saying how we was gonna make this Showtime again, and I wanted to be part of that process,” he said on the show.

“He explained to me year one is going to be tough. But I was OK with the process. At year 16 you ain’t really supposed to be worrying about no damn process, especially for me because I’m in championship mode all the time.

“So it was just weird for him to just be like ‘I’m out of here’ and not even have no like, ‘Hey Bron, kiss my ass. I’m out of here.’ I would’ve been OK with that. ‘Hey Bron, it’s Magic. Kiss my ass. I’m gone.’ Not even that.

“I feel like there’s a time and place for things, and I believe you knew you were going to make that decision, so why would you do that here? Why would you do that now?”

And speaking on ESPN, Smith explained that he wouldn’t be surprised to see James hand in a trade request.

“I believe he would, I believe he would have been justified,” he said.

“The reason being that the Lakers at this point in time appear to be as haphazard as they were in the Jim Buss/Mick Kupchak era.

“If you’re LeBron James, even though you clearly came to L.A. for reasons other than basketball, the reality is that Magic Johnson was at your doorstep on July 1, there were commitments that came.

“He didn’t sign a one-year deal with various opt-outs, he signed a three-year deal with a player option on a fourth.

“He committed to that, so when you look at the commitment he made, he certainly doesn’t deserve someone walking out on him prior to that commitment being filled.

“Once that happened, all bets are off. Now, again, I want to hear from Magic Johnson, because there are two sides to every story – and who is to say LeBron James is telling the truth?

“I believe what LeBron James is saying, but I haven’t heard from Magic Johnson.

“With Magic being gone and us hearing names like [Lakers special projects manager] Linda Rambis and [Lakers general manager] Rob Pelinka associated with executive decision-making being made at a basketball franchise, if I’m LeBron James, that is not something I want to be subjected to.”


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