LeBron James deserves extra credit if Lakers make 2019 NBA playoffs – Max Kellerman | First Take


Max Kellerman would give LeBron James extra credit if the Los Angeles Lakers make the 2019 NBA playoffs because he would have taken a team with no other …



  1. I’m a diehard laker fan and I watch or listen to every game. Lebron is freelancing out there. When he plays, he’s on his own island. When the team is playing well as a healthy unit, it’s because of Lonzo. Lonzo gets every man on the floor involved, and he breaks his back on defense. His play inspires everyone to play at their best, it’s contagious. Lebron is the most valuable player on the team because of his vast skill set, but Lonzo is the leader. He may not be yelling like rondo or slapping his biceps like Lebron, but that kid Lonzo is a very good player, and a great two-way point guard in the making. The saddest thing in all of this is these kids are going to get traded because the Lakers need to follow the Lebron narrative. That’s business, I guess.

  2. EVERYONE said Lebron to the Lakers would mean RINGS, DEEP Playoff runs, passing of the guard to “all star potential youth” now they ASS and you wanna give Lebron EXTRA credit to do what his been doing for YEARS?? Laker fans gotta just admit Magic is a trash GM to make a great team (yes all magic when it’s good, all magic when it’s bad)

  3. So What happened to him in the lakers Never happened to him when he was with the Cavs? The talk back then was that he had a terrible team, Kevin love is always hurt, he's playing with a branch of bench players, but still took them to the finals. He's the goat… Oh but now in the west. They want to change it up.

  4. This channel as well as Max is becoming a joke. Give some damn credit to the Kings ffs. Sick of these brain washed media guys all up in Lebrons nuts. I bet tomorrow's video is going to be, "Lebron is GOAT but his team is too young" yall better credit me before stealing my title

  5. Lebron needs extra credit every year! He has a shit team every year but apparently his assists show that he makes his team mates better? He's a stat padder! The biggest in NBA history! If he loses he has great stats for y'all to blame his team. When he wins he has the same s try tas to say he did it all himself. BUT when we talk rings, every says it's a team achievement…. mmm! Give Lebron the GOAT title… no ones going to believe it!

  6. Im tired of espn and the media and the nba always favoring lebron, bunch of fanboys. Why does lebron get to be a captain of the all star team when it should be KD since hes been mvp 2 years in a row now. Also why does the nba always let lebron choose the 1st pick every year? If giansis picked 1st he probly woulda chose kd.


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