LeBron James breaks his silence on NBA-China dispute


For the first time, LeBron James is taking on the standoff between the NBA and China. On Monday night, the basketball star said Houston Rockets general …



  1. Using Lebron's logic, people should not have spoken out against slavery. After all, ending slavery hurt some people financially , emotionally, spirituality …..wait for the right time to speak ( after we get the China checks )

  2. I thought he was a SJW. I guess only when its not affecting his pockets. They couldn't play in Charlotte but they played in China!! I don't want to hear anything else from this guy. The hypocrisy is over the top.

  3. Ill informed LeBron James is caught up in money. He knows nothing about how evil Communist China is. The NBA needs to start getting out of China. China is going to be a deadly opponent of Freedom as the years go by. There will be a new Cold War with China. The NBA and James need to think about whether they're Chinese stooges or not.

  4. Well, I at least I have good memories of "Showtime" from some real Americans in Laker uniforms. The death of Chick Hearn ended that connection….now I just see soulless imposters that enslaved themselves to the yuan.

  5. US is extremely stupid. Look at the opponents you have destroyed: Japan, USSR , GB. Japan a ctry that is held hostage by US because the 7 th fleet. USSR , as aggressive as US , but only concentrate on military superiority, GB , heavily indebted to US and has no choice but to disassemble its colonies and hand over the baton to US.
    Which fields is China competing against US? All fields . Even if China is destroyed, US would be adversely affected. Its opponents would then take revenge on US for the bad things they did to them. Well, China would then come back for 2 Nd rd. So , can US handle these? China is the only surviving continuous civilization that still exists. There must be a reason. But now, instead of working with China, you are playing with the HK card and Taiwan card next yr. Not forgetting the trad3 war , currency war and the tech war. Stupid!

  6. Btw, those are not protestors, they have become terrorists. Don’t believe it, go and watch Asia media. Western media are all in cahoots and have the same headlines. Shame on US for supporting terrorism in HK.

  7. LBJ is essentially correct, btw I know the CCP is a mission to conquer the world and should be strongly opposed, however…MOREY's tweet was not only ill-timed, it was ignorant.

  8. It is LeBron James who is not "educated" on the issue.
    Millions of Hong Kong people are yearning for freedom from Chinese colonial oppression and are risking their LIVES for it. We will not back down or we will lose everything. For this celebrity to turn his nose up at the people fighting for freedom and democracy is despicable.
    Perhaps he simply thinks the lives of Hong Kongers are cheap compared to the imagined reward he'll get for selling himself to China, but this means he has become colonised. In a way, he has become like all us Hong Kongers have become.
    This is the first lesson of colonialism James should learn: Colonialism is slavery, with the facade of freedom. And like slavery, obedient colonial subjects are rewarded, disobedient colonial subjects are tortured, terrorised, imprisoned and broken. The difference is, he has become a willing colonial subject, yet is free not to, whereas we in Hong Kong are not free, but have chosen to fight for freedom.
    This truth will be his shame…

  9. What do you all think socialism is all about? which the left is trying to to do the US. Many basketball players support the leftist movement toward socialism. So, I completely understand Lebrons support of the NBA position to want to make money in China and trying not get cut off. But as an American, he should have a backbone. Take a stand for Freedom and support the protestors…

  10. Why you want athletes to speak about it. If the president won't talk about it crazy. Comment of the substance??? blacks getting killed in there own home here in America fix that first

  11. Money over human rights. Your uneducated Mr James. You just killed the sport of basketball. You killed the Lakers with your rebuttal. I refuse to buy anything NBA. Thanks for killing it.

    To all the lakers greats of the past sorry for I can no longer watch the team I so much loved. You always be a part of my happiness and joy watching you play. I have your memories.

  12. Lebron, the people of Hong Kong are fighting for their freedom and their civil rights to be restored they are doing what many African Americans did here in the United States your ancestors. Stand with Hong Kong if you stand for Freedom don't hide behind the NBA the only reason why the NBA has kept quiet about this is because of the billions of dollars it stands to lose. Educate yourself about the history of Hong Kong and China before you call anyone out.

  13. I was the biggest Lebron fan. I am a black American male and I sincerely thought Lebron didn’t think about money first when it came to his political stances. But now I see that Lebron has always taken the side of who the NBA fans (mostly black America) likes. Clinton over trump and other democratic policies. Lebron is a snake and he just messed up any chance he had of ever being mentioned in the same way as Jordan and Ali. Sad


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