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It’s been said today that Lynch’s character will be the one who takes over James Bond’s 007 title when he decides to retire.

At the start of the movie, it’s been claimed that M (Ralph Fiennes) will inform Daniel Craig’s Bond that a woman named Nomi will be his 007 successor. He, it is said, will try and flirt with her – but she won’t be having any of it.

Bond will, of course, come out of retirement as the plot progresses, and it still seems unlikely that the actual character of James Bond will be played by a woman after Daniel Craig is done.

But still, the fact that Lynch’s Nomi (assuming the leak is true) is going to take up the 007 mantle, even if only temporarily, is huge.

It’s long been speculated that, rather than changing Bond’s sex, bosses would establish a different, Bond-equalling female character instead. Nomi could be that character.

Whether or not she continues to have a presence in the Bond universe in the post-Craig era depends on whether the whole franchise is rebooted when its next lead actor comes aboard.

But if Nomi does have continued involvement going forward, Lynch is in the incredible position of potentially being a key player in two big franchises.

In Captain Marvel, released in March, she played Maria Rambeau – someone who fans expect to make further key appearances.

Her daughter, Monica – who was a child in the 1990s-set blockbuster – has huge significance in the comics, in that she takes up that superhero mantle herself.

While Brie Larson is still attached to the MCU as Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel, it seems unlikely that the films will follow this exact path just yet, but Maria was established as not only Carol’s best friend, but someone capable of holding her own when it comes to the action.

Depending where (and when) in the universe the future Captain Marvel escapades are set, surely Maria and Monica should be factored in somehow – especially given how Lynch and Larson’s scenes were hailed as the beating heart of the first movie.

Whatever the case, things are looking very good for 31-year-old Lynch, who was starring in considerably smaller roles prior to these two.

Her first credit is in now-defunct UK TV show The Bill back in 2007; since when she has had small roles in Silent Witness, Atlantis and BBC soap Doctors.

She also had a six-episode gig in TV series Bulletproof, and was in David Nicholls’ drama The 7.39 in 2014.

On screen, she was in soon-forgotten sporting drama Fast Girls with Lily James and Lenora Crichlow in 2012; and had a minor role as Laura in Powder Room; a comedy with Sheridan Smith and Jaime Winstone.

Now, it seems, her star is very rapidly on the ascent. Deservedly so.

James Bond 25 is out on April 8, 2020.


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