Kawhi Leonard wants Magic Johnson in Lakers meeting, but NBA won't let it happen | SportsCenter


Stephen A. Smith joins SportsCenter to discuss the latest with Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Lakers, with Kawhi having requested that Magic Johnson be …



  1. If kd stays with warriors! It's still warriors at the end of the day..power struggle don't exist with warrrios team! Unlike with Bron and kawhii! He should have stay with raptors

  2. If kd stays with warriors! It's still warriors at the end of the day..power struggle don't exist with warrrios team! Unlike with Bron and kawhii! He should have stay with raptors

  3. If Kawhi or Kyrie doesn't sign to the lakers…
    PG: D'Lo Russell or Pat Beverley
    SG: IDK… Jimmy Butler or Danny Green ?
    SF: Lebron James
    PF: Kyle Kuzma
    C: Anthony Davis
    2nd Unit
    PG: Rajon Rondo
    SG: J.R Smith or JJ Reddick ( 2nd Unit because he can't play defense)
    SF: Kyle Korver
    PF: Carmelo Anthony
    C: Brook Lopez, Deandre Jordan, or JaVale McGee
    But Cap space wise I know for sure J.R, Korver , and Melo will come for the Low its how much will D'Lo, Pat , Jimmy Butler, Danny Green and the Big Men come for?
    now there old but I think its enough firepower for a championship or two…

  4. I have a theory. He’s trying to look undercover. I’m not crazy look, how could kawhi not know that he can’t book a meeting with manic Johnson. He had to know he couldn’t get it so he’s trying to build more clout and hype

  5. Sooo, Chris Paul couldn't leave the Hornets for LA years ago, but it's okay for Leonard to leave Toronto and go to LA? Ohhh, because it's for LeBron. Okay I get it. What a trash league it's become.

  6. I don't hate on the players, I really don't. It's their decision and I respect that. But as a fan, I absolutely hate this generation of super team mentality. Gone are the days of building through the draft and actually having a relationship with players on your roster for years and years. I enjoy watching the dynasty teams in the finals but it just kills the competition in the regular season.

  7. SAS: the LA Lakers are very much in play

    FYI: Kawhi was in play with the Lakers when he first demanded a trade from the Spurs to go home to LA > there was a deal being negotiated with Magic and the Spurs back then > but the Spurs reneged on it and traded Kawhi to another country instead
    (out of spite)
    WE > didn't forget that shytt
    Afterwhich, the Lakers turned their attention to another player opting for a trade to LA Lakers = Anthony Davis
    Yall > really needed to "pay attention" to kawhi's language in the past scenario = he told you point blank > home = LA (you chose to "think" the clippers)

  8. What a joke! Kawhi , LeBron, Davis. Wow! NBA should wake up. People are bored man. Same team every year. It’s a wonder how people pay top dollar to watch any games (all the non lakers Celtics warriors , or where ever the super teams are) when this shit is allowed to happen . … Hang in there bud , maybe you’ll get one championship one day lol. Stop going to games people. No fans no money! End of story. If your 90% of the league that doesn’t get a super team stop paying man. See how far the nba goes when the people start saying enough of this shit!

  9. It's incredulous the league can do this. If I was to franchise a McDonalds, but I had a buddy who ran a Burger King. Then invited him to my McDonalds for a meeting and some advice, McDonalds isnt saying I cant do that. What's the difference between franchising a team and franchising a fast food restaurant? Does not embody American free market values in the slightest.

  10. Davis, Kawhi, and Big Bron that's a recipe for a Lakers dynasty if it happens. East will probably be led by the Bucks or Philly if Kawhi leaves Toronto and the West would dominate over the East for 3 years.

  11. And people trying to disrespect Magic Johnson when in reality he is the Lakers and he’s the only chance Kawhi joins. And Kawhi grew up a sixers fan Stephen A quit lying

  12. The big thing that he forgot to mention was the fact that he be leaving $50 million on the table to leave I don’t see why he would do that that’s foolish

  13. Come on lakers fans. I don't see kawhi leonard leaving raptors. It wouldn't make any sense for him to win a championship with a team you led to and go to play with lebron and AD? I just don't see that happening

  14. They don’t have money to get khawi. a better fit for him would be the clippers. That would be easy ring handed down to Lebron but then people talk about the warriors smh.


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