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  1. Send a message.Prosecute him for hate crimes.That might send a message to dead beat Hollywood actors and actresses elites who think they are so hight and mighty but are just a bunch of actors. Oh and don't forget the so called comedians and fake news presenters.So much hate because Trump won. TDS is definitely a disease better find a cure before 2020 cause it's going to be an epidemic.

  2. This J.S. must stand for What his story was from the start Just Sh!+! The reason was concocted in a panic no doubt. I can say with all good antenna that this stunt was performed to cast a bad light on the president and not to get himself a raise. I allege that big mike, k.harris and more than likely a few if not more dems were in on it, based on the time it took place.think black lives matter. They wanted to wound the king but blew up in their faces. To hear him speak afterwards would make a grown man puke. "I wouldn't be my mother's son …if I didn't believe… What the hell did that mean.Somlet tells me that some black people will always push the race card even in nafarious concoctions of profound fantasy. Think big Mike & no hope on Winfrey. And poor me Harris about being bused to school. My friends and I had to walk well over a mile and we did it to get to school.

  3. Jussie is just SO special, they had to get him his very own "special" prosecutor!! Now the odds of a "poor oppressed black man" paying for his racist lies are pretty low. But filing false police reports, and that civil suit from the city, should put "poor Jussie" out of the news and into the 'gray-bar Hotel" for a little while at least.

  4. Jessie you're going down and not just on a wiener ,she is going to the big house,Jesse's going down like Obama Michael all you criminals thought you were slick the only slick you're getting slick Willy you're going down Trump 20/20

  5. I think Juicy Smallet should go free just like Hillary Clinton has and the dirty FBI agents that spied on Trump. Until our justice system is cleaned up it's not fair to go after 1 black actor who made a really poor choice and yet let off a whole lot of white FBI agents who knew exactly what they were doing and chose to continually break the law over and over with no consequences.


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