JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on jobs, tariffs and politics


In an exclusive interview with CNN Business, CEO Jamie Dimon tells Poppy Harlow about JPMorgan Chase’s $350 million investment in the future of work.



  1. jamie should tell the journalist…there's a reason you do what you do, and i run a billion dollar company. these political hack journalists are just that. they bring political ideology to everything

  2. Unprofessional journalist. Tries to slip anti-Trump bullshit in a financial interview. Good on Jamie for being a gentlemen and not getting tangled in the weeds. CNN is shit.

  3. America needs to ditch this notion of college for all. Unless you are becoming a doctor or specialized field, kids shouldnt go to college just to pay 90k for a degree in worthlessness. We need major trade programs in plumbing, electricians, pipe fitters, pipe joiners, farming, masonry work, etc. We dont need our youth wasting their prime years sitting in a classroom taking liberal arts and learning zero skills. My brother graduated from Yale. He has zero skills and cant find a job. His degree in history is useless in the real world.

  4. The hypocrisy of this dude is mind-blowing. He talks about income inequality and lack of opportunity for many Americans but he sits on top of the very system that made it possible in the first place. A system where corporate executives, lobbyists, billionaires like him rig the system in their own favor. Rather than announce token jobs programs (350 million dollars over 5 years is a pittance when Chase makes 10s of billions in profits each year), Dimon should work to increase the economic and political power of left-behind Americans.


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