‘Joker’ sequel may already be in the works


Send in the clown again.

Less than two months after “Joker” dropped to critical acclaim (and controversy galore), a sequel to the flamboyant Batman baddie’s origin story is reportedly already in the works.

“Joker” director Todd Phillips had supposedly requested the rights to a whole portfolio of DC origin films during an Oct. 7 meeting with Warner Bros. chairman Toby Emmerich , according to The Hollywood Reporter. And while Emmerich, 56, “balked” at the ambitious proposal, Phillips was given the green light for a “Joker” followup.

However, Deadline is reporting that the meeting didn’t even happen and that Phillips never had intentions to work on other characters’ origin stories.

According to the Reporter, the clown prince’s cinematic second coming will see Phillips reunite with co-writer Scott Silver once again, and Warner Bros. has reportedly already tapped Joaquin Phoenix, 45, to play the Joker once again. His impressive first turn as the Dark Night’s nemesis has garnered the actor early nods for a Best Actor Oscar.

While potential plot details are nonexistent, the film could continue to follow the blossoming snake-and-mongoose relationship between Arthur Fleck and a young Bruce Wayne. It won’t be a Batman origin story, however — that’s being tackled by Matt Reeve’s “The Batman,” which drops June 25, 2021.

Either way, the sequel undoubtedly aims to cash in on the success of the first flick, which raked in over a billion dollars, making it the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time. Phillips, 48, will collect $100 million alone when all the hubbub dies down, according to the Reporter.

As long as they don’t film again at a particular set of stairs in the Bronx.

By Ben Cost

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