Joan Walsh to ex-Trump official: How dare you


CNN commentators Joan Walsh and Marc Short debate the role of prayer in response to the mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. #CNN #News.



  1. What a stupid argument. Of most serial killers and mass murderers rarely if ever are any of them atheists. Even if these killers worship the devil that is still religion. Maybe that tells you something about those who call themselves christians.

  2. Yes, the Democratic leadership indulges Islamists and anti-Semites while projecting its moral failings onto the Republicans. Yes, the Democratic grassroots are awash in their own rhetoric of paranoia, hatred and delegitimisation. And yes, Democratic leaders have indulged and abetted it, with consequences that may well include a left-wing activist shooting Republican House majority whip Steve Scalise at the 2017 Congressional Baseball Game. All this only confirms that the madness of politics is universal. It also confirms that politicians should choose their words more carefully.

  3. There are Atheists and there are Anti-Theists and there are Agnostics in America and together, they are 1/3 of the population. The second 1/3 are Christian and the other 1/3 are all other religions combined. America is NOT a Christian nation but that group is the inspiration for the largest collection of terrorist groups here – nationalists. They don't just gripe and disagree – they kill.

    Good sources of facts include the FBI's criminal statistics database… free and available for anyone to read. And, the CIA Factbook can help you put that information into the larger context of comparing the US to other nations in the world. It's also free and available to the public.

    I share this because that is where you can verify what I wrote in the first paragraph. It's not "my opinion" and I encourage you to check all you run across in social media, especially during this anti-democracy propaganda attack which posts disinformation. Do your duty. Look it up.

    BTW, you can learn more about the propaganda attacks by reading Robert Mueller's indictments which offer a detailed reporting of what putin's attacks on America entailed. And, you can read WIRED magazine's "Trolls Across America" to learn more about the attacks on America from within.

  4. Thou shall not suffer a witch to live. Scriptures attempting to solve problems with archaic mysticism for 2000 years. Got a problem? Blame it on something else. Load your goats up with trinkets and offerings and cast them out into the desert to assuage the guilt ridden fear of ignorance that is couched as sin.

  5. Statistically most of the violence in this country has been perpetrated by so-called religious wackos. Just watch how most of these skin-heads utter Christ’s name while believing it is their God-given righ to exterminate jews, and folks of color. Yet Mr. Short is lecturing us on how the lack of religion is the cause of incidents like the one that occurred in Pittsburgh??

  6. how can anyone support the filth, the lies and the classlessness that is Donald trump? if you're going to sell your soul for someone and defend everything they say or do no matter how ridiculous… do it for the Pope or someone like that. don't do it for someone who sexually assaulted 19 women!!!!!!!!!!

  7. These tramp people are just so simple.Do they really hear what tramp says and/or see what he tweets?….the 45th is so unfit for this position….He should go and watch more T.V. and resign….Has he seen that Japan and China are making financial deals,and European countries are dealing in the middle east.The World is dealing around the United States.Give time and America, because of tramp,will be all alone.Be prepared, America.

  8. CNN and MSNBC are failing against Trump. I wish they weren't, but they are failing miserably. Especially Jake Tapper, Joe and Mika. Ya gotta bring down Fox and every asshole in this regime; including that witch Kellyanne.

  9. Man these trump supporters are facing their reckoning. They're either gonna want to be decent people and admit they've been wrong and cross over the isle or they're gonna sink in the trump ship. Joan is right it's simply incredible what they'll say to spin and defend this incompetent amoral POTUS.


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