Jeremy Corbyn admits he has ‘sympathy’ for May – but there’s a sting in the tail


Jeremy Corbyn has admitted he has ‘sympathy’ for Theresa May on a “human level”.

In a revealing interview with ITV’s This Morning, the Labour leader admitted “leadership is a lonely place”.

But he swiftly added he still wants to take her place – and threw in a barb about her failure to appear on the same show.

The PM pulled out of a This Morning interview last week when she won a breakthrough in Brexit talks.

Asked if he had sympathy for his Tory rival, Mr Corbyn told host Phillip Schofield: “Yes, at a human level.

“Because leadership is a lonely place and that can be difficult.

The Labour leader admitted “leadership is a lonely place”

“And I think that people working very hard and doing their best should be respected for that.

“I personally never indulge in abuse of an individual. I don’t do that. It’s not my style of politics.”

Asked if he’d want to do the job, he replied: “Of course I would, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today.”

And he went on to say: “Actually I have far more sympathy with people in our country who are going through terrible stress.

But he added: “Actually I have far more sympathy with people in our country who are going through terrible stress”

“I represent a constituency which includes people from all over Europe.

“They’re frightened and concerned.

“I also recognise all over the country areas that have lost so much in public funding, left behind communities that have seen no government investment since the end of the big industrial period in the 80s.

“And we have to recognise that we live in a country which is increasingly divided, increasingly impoverished. some people are losing hope in the future because they don’t see the public service that works for them.”

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