'It's pretty scary' how good the Warriors are without Kevin Durant – Scottie Pippen | The Jump


In her daily monologue, Rachel Nichols recaps Game 2 of Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers Western Conference finals matchup in the 2019 NBA …



  1. I’m giving The great Pippin a pass because he’s one of the best to ever play . Sill he’s taken a lot of shots at this Ws team and now he’s flippin Pippin . I just can only laugh

  2. Golden state is much better without KD.. if they're playing most team.. But if they're going to play a team without lebron like talent they definitely need KD.. they wont win without KD specially if its seven game…

  3. Kd is the laughing stock of how older players thought you should handle getting to the finals,especially now, hes got to be feeling a lil bit like a female dog, like Draymond said.

  4. I know deep down the warriors were like we don't need Durant.. they want to win the championship without him that way he can leave and see they don't need him. They won't admit it but they don't need him he took the easy way out and they know that.

  5. This has actually been a blessing in disguise for these Warriors. Finding out they are still a dominant team without KD must be a huge sigh of relief being that they don't know what his plans are after this season. Mentally and psychologically they are in a good place right now.

  6. I love how all these experts are now flip flopping, it’s like the warriors hasn’t done this. Every game after KD went out they put up the stats record without KD and the loss column hasn’t changed so idk why people acted like they can’t. Just make KD a glorify Harrison Barnes and then see how “potent” their offense can really be, but Steve won’t do that cuz he thinks KD is a necessity not a luxury. Imagine the death line up and the same style of play from the 73 win team but now you have KD on the wing instead of Harrison Barnes…and with the way the bucks are playing they really should consider that. The way they play with KD against the clippers and rockets won’t win, if the bucks don’t choke. This warriors team without KD has a better chance against the way the bucks play, not knock against KD but it’s about match up and styles. Guaranteed the bucks would love to stick Giannis on KD and have KD take 25 shots per game with his back to the bucket, I bet they’re licking their chops knowing that’s probably what Steve Kerr will do cuz they wanna please KD to keep him.

  7. They were up 3-1 in the Finals versus the Cavs and just choked the next four games away. Now, Curry is learning how to be the Closer. If Curry becomes a solid Closer, it's a wrap. KD can stay, leave, doesn't matter. If GS sticks to "Strength in Numbers" good luck to the Bucks 'cause they'll need a lot of it to win the Title.


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