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The sequel to 2017 smash It is out on September 6; and this new sequel boasts a bigger cast, increased hype and – crucially – the return of one of the most horrifying villains in the genre.

Following the release of the unsettling teaser earlier this year – and amid reports of terrifying footage being shown at San Diego Comic Con this week – the new full trailer comes with the caption: “He’s waited 27 years.”


Jessica Chastain – who plays the adult Beverly Marsh – spoke at SDCC about what is already the film’s most famous scene: one in which she had to film with a record-breaking amount of fake blood.

She said: “When [Andy Muschietti, director] first talked to me about the scene, I thought it was really smart, brilliant, and I was excited by it.

“But then he said, ‘the blood is going to come up to your collarbone, it’s not going to get on your face.’

“I was like, ‘let’s make Carrie on steroids’.”

Director Muschietti, meanwhile, hinted his interest at making a Pennywise prequel story.

“We’ll learn something about Pennywise in this movie that we didn’t know before,” he said.

“There’s something very cryptic in the book. Everything that relates to Pennywise and Bob Gray is very cryptic, and it’s like that for a reason.

“Probably the success of that character as a monster, as a villain is because of that crypticness and uncertainty that people have towards him.

“We don’t know exactly what he is, where he comes from, or how Bob Gray is related.

“Was Bob Gray a real person? Is he incarnated in that thing because Bob Gray played a clown? He knew it attracted children, so that was a perfect bait?”

Based on the rest of Stephen King’s book It, Chapter Two also boasts the likes of Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan and James Ransone in its cast.

The first It movie was a huge success; raking in an impressive $700 million at the box office.

It: Chapter Two is out on September 6.


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