ISS live feed CUTS after ‘unknown planet’ spotted near Earth


Video footage shows the moment one man spotted something bizarre while watching NASA’s live coverage from space.

He quickly began recording what he believed to be the moon, but after a while realised it could be something more. 

He said: “It was passing over the tip of South America and heading back to Africa at 10.30am on May 22.

“Can you see the different colours? I haven’t adjusted much, it looked like that naturally.

“I don’t know if it is because of the absence of the Earth’s atmosphere or if it is something else, it looks weird.”


BIZARRE: Could this be a new planet?

“I’m pretty sure its the moon, but I don’t understand the colours”

YouTube users

He went on to reveal that, moments after the strange phenomenon occurred, the video cut out. 

“I turned on the screen grab and started the recording because you never know when this thing is going to turn off,” he added.

“And it did, about two minutes into the video. 

“I’m pretty sure it’s the moon but I don’t understand the colours.”

The video was uploaded to popular YouTube conspiracy channel MRMBB333 yesterday and it has already racked up more than 16,500 hits. 

And viewers were astounded.

One comment read: “That is too small to be the moon.”

Another added: “You just discovered something else, that is why they turned it off.”

And a third even claimed: “That is not the moon – it is a new planet and I have seen it several times over the last year. 

“I call it The Disco Ball.”

The clip comes just a day after conspiracists were sent into meltdown about an “alien planet” that is orbiting Jupiter.

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