Is Real Madrid already giving up on La Liga and focusing on Champions League? | ESPN FC


ESPN FC La Liga correspondent Sid Lowe breaks down the struggles of Real Madrid vs Sevilla and Atletico Madrid ahead of the squad’s UEFA Champions …



  1. Haha champions league is gonna be history for realmadrid know
    Without ronaldos 15 + goals in champions leauge every year they are nothing they Can only prepare for copa del ray now

  2. Asensio missed two one on ones with the keeper. Atleti were pinned into their own half. I think the problem with ESPN fc is they don't watch Madrid play so they only have surface insight. Madrid were better and didn't have Marcelo.. Bale came off injured and still dominated. Sigh espn

  3. Give up they level on points with Barcelona that is pathetic how many games been played come on now let's look at this logically now it is only September don't judge them now judge them in April and may that is when the trophies are decided


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