Is Liverpool's name on the trophy?Pundits discuss Liverpool's Premier League title hopes


Is Liverpool’s name on the trophy? LIVERPOOL CONTINUE TO put the pressure on Manchester City as a hard-fought 2-0 win at relegation threatened Cardiff …



  1. Liverpool blew it v lecester west ham & everton now all the excuses from thier fans of 90 + points, we gave city a battle etc etc blah blah are coming out to soften the blow of bottling the league title again.

  2. As a Canadian I find this race frustrating because I want Liverpool to win but now they have no direct control over the outcome. I know the playoffs we have in North American sports leagues can maybe diminish the significance of the regular season but at least in these playoffs you know that if you beat your opponents you’ll win.

  3. Why is the entire human creation football fans sayin United will get a draw or a win againts city ?? Listen im a pompy fan I so want liverpool to win title but realistically CITY WILL BEAT UNITED TOMORROW NIGHT,,,

  4. Liverpool should shift to a 4-2-3-1 next year with
    Fabinho- ?

    If Liverpool could get another speed demon, or a creative midfielder like Modric, who can play through balls,

    This team would run riot next year as well

    If they could go all out and buy
    Dybala – and play him right behind Salah
    This team would be nuts

    Even Hazard, if they could outbid RM

    Just one creative player with pace, it would be nuts

  5. The shameless way Sky and the FA are manipulating the league by screwing around with the fixtures, staggering them etc.. seems like they're trying to engineer Liverpool as Champions. Pathetic really.


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