Inside Pro-Trump Women’s Group ‘Trumpettes USA’ | NBC News NOW


NBC News’ Anna Schecter talks with the founding member of “Trumpettes USA” about starting the group and standing up for President Trump’s decisions.



  1. "I felt so at home.' A tiny percentage of people would say that about Mar a Lago, therefore vote against Republicans. Most of us do not relate to the 1 percenters. Many people live paycheck to paycheck and/ or at any point can loose their jobs. Living needs to be made affordable.

  2. HEY Working and Middle class – look at the wives of your 'job makers" still waiting for that trickle down? It might just be one of these "ladies'" status dogs peeing on your leg. THIS is what unregulated capitalism leaves us with – a bunch of "let them eat cake" Marie Antoinette wanna-bees. Nasty sociopathic narcissists with collagen and botox. Check out all the fur on that lizardlady – she prob swallowed the creatures that once owned that fur. THIS is the rich.

  3. What a bunch of out of touch stepford people – dam lizard women with botox and collagen injections and little status dogz. GROSS fkrs. Sociopathic lizardwomen


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