How Ukrainian President Zelensky almost appeared on CNN … and then didn't


CNN’s Fareed Zakaria explains how Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reportedly almost made the announcement President Trump wanted on GPS.



  1. Anyone who actually believes this impeachment shit is a complete idiot. At the very least Biden and Trump are corrupt, but you brainwashed uneducated dumbasses can’t even admit that all these politicians are liars and frauds. You actually believe the mass media owned by the banks and giant corporations tell you the truth lol. I actually feel bad for anyone who listens to CNNs bullshit and believes it. Its actually really sad that Americans especially anyone that sees themselves as liberals are so fucking stupid. Seriously, are you so stupid that you don’t think there is bias? These reporters are getting paid to report what they are told. They read a script you dumbasses. Wake up if you’re anti government and anti corruption you shouldn’t support either side because both are fucked. Start a 3rd party, just stop supporting leftist propaganda please.

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  3. Shifty shift Pelosi the AOC squad think all these false allegations for impeaching trump will destroy Trump's chance of winning 2020. Well guess what it won't…it will only give more reason to vote for Trump. Australia votes for trump

  4. Trump 2020. Republicans now want an impeachment trial. Why? Trump will be exonerated, Biden’s involvement will be part of the trial and get exposed, then Dems will lose many seats. The big easy.

  5. Trump is almost at the stage of openly saying, "I am a crook. So WHAT?" If he loses in 2020 and he refuses to leave the WH, what will we do? We're not used to coups in this country. The Dems need a contingency plan, and, prone to playing by outmoded rulebooks, they are notoriously slow at adjusting to upheavels in the system. Whether it takes cooperation from the Secret Service or the NSA or the FBI, we need a plan. What is the backup plan??? The DNC needs to catch up with the times (for once) and prep new tactics for what's ahead. WHAT'S YOUR PLAN????

  6. No one is talking about Epstein’s death or listening to the victims anymore if anyone noticed. Diverted your attention many moons ago I figured. You people are Jeff Zucker’s Bitches, you CNN and MSNBC and the alphabet networks viewers are that and so much less.

  7. My god CNN is pathetic, everything is here-say and “second hand, third hand knowledge”, just like all of the witness testimony from the hearing lol.. absolute joke, terrible journalism.

  8. DEMOCRAT POLICIES ARE EVIL!!! your idiots if you learn your history, Lincoln was a NATIONALIST party member which is now the republican party the south was democrat.. Remember Black people getting water hosed?? that was the democrats policies.. Republican values took over when JFK was murdered by LBJ.. black people back then had their own communities and CITIES!! When the democrats lost support they moved on to the bigger cities little by little ruining communities with their hand out policies breaking up families with their welfare policies.. if your a single mother here's food stamps…but if your poor and the dad is around you get nothing!! Here you go free abortions as well but only in poor communities..years after they left you see how well republican values have improved the south and ruined the big cities think of Los Angeles back in the 50's Marylin monroe beautiful Hollywood and now…………….and the south is now full of Bible loving nice people sure their is hate all over the world but that is something republican LOVE and values will continue to improve… Wake up my American brother and be proud of the best country in the a "minority" I don't want "white" people patting me on the head saying poor brown man you'll never make it here's affirmative action because your not good enough and end up with a position I didn't earn and now I have to doubt and ask..was I good enough?? …now with broken families and loss of morals crimes and violence are everywhere kids go around depressed because they have no pride and end up killing because they believe they are weak and have no other recourse and the media pretends to care when the solution is OBVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rebuild the family make MEN…MEN AGAIN…we are strong rocks… FOUNDATIONS… we must be something our children can be proud of if your wife or girlfriend gets upset don't turn into a bitch and start arguing back use your logic and not emotions thats how women loose respect in you and bad mouth you to the kids…. remember YOU must be the example your son will see when mommy gets angry and yells dad always stayed calm and made it right…We must LOVE our women and shower them with hugs and kisses our children HAVE to see that to set the example…the cycle must be broken and I just told you how…. remember DEMOCRATS POLICIES ARE EVIL!!!!!!

  9. A. The money went to Ukraine only six weeks after it was approved by congress.
    B. The Ukrainians didn't even know there was a delay.
    C. Trump gave the Ukrainians weapons. Obama gave them blankets.
    D. The Ukrainian president did not feel like Trump was offering a quid pro quo.
    E. The Ukrainians got the money without having resumed the Bursima investigation.
    F. Investigating to see if US money is going to corrupt companies like the one that employed Hunter Biden is the job of the President.
    G. Biden stated explicitly on video that he had withheld loans from Ukraine in order to get the investigator of his son's corrupt company fired.
    H. Biden and his son were photographed playing golf with the executives of Bursima.
    I. Bursima was in contact with the US State Department trying to get the investigations stopped.
    J. After Biden had the Ukrainian investigator of Bursima fired the investigation was dropped.
    K. Bursima paid Hunter Biden 50,000 a month when he had no qualifications or job skills that would serve a gas company. All he had to sell was his father's influence.
    L. A Ukrainian court rules that Ukraine had illegally interfered with the US elections for the benefit of the Democrats.


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