How past lottery winners spent their money USA NOW




  1. I'd move to a country where my money is worth twice as much, I'd buy 1000 acres and start my own town. anyone could live there free as long as they help build they town up. 100 acres would be cheap housing to support my community. community garden fruit trees everywhere cattle chickens everything. no starvation in my town.

  2. I would buy a house a viper ex, corvettezo6, mustang gts, and travel the U.S. by car around the coast starting from west I-90 to New York down to Florida than to Texas than up to washington…. Finding awesome roads to drive my viper ex or corvette or mustang….speed is my thing

  3. I would purchasea 1M dollar home in Orange county area. Brand new BMW or BENZ, give money to charity, put some money in immediate family's pockets. I would still work though! I wouldn't be able to not do nothing.

  4. I've been teasing my teenager, who is addicted to the internet, that I would build a log cabin in the woods with no electricity, internet or power of any kind……I think it would be good to "unplug" every now and then and get away from all this. Don't know if I would do it though! lol     In reality I want to travel. Go see all the castles in Europe. Just go everywhere!

  5. I would pay off all my bills.  Would help my son get one his feet and into a job he liked.  Set up a educational trust fund for his daughter.  Would help the mother of his daughter because even with out them being together she's a damn good mom.

  6. and the 19 years old, at the time, jay vargas, considering his age and what current, peer reviewed neurology research says about brain development re: maturity issues in male humans?: he had, at the time he won, a pretty amazing sense of responsibility which appeared to be outside of 'the curve' in a positive way.

  7. re: the 19 years old at the time jay vargas and also the canadian guy [maybe the others, too] there are other videos about them here that tell some of the other things they did with their winnings. in case it sounds like, to any viewers, that they were just frivolous with spending. not that it's my business and it's up to them to spend it the way they want to. they both seem like generous guys – but when a 'reporter' mentions certain only of the larger things their won money was spent on [that are available to the public to know about] it paints a misleading picture. for instance, the canadian guy has helped people and organizatons in his community with things that were not necessarily only wanted but that were very much needed by them.

  8. Remain privacy
    Donate half to a special organization I have in mind.
    Pay my parents house.
    Help my aunt who's been struggling.
    Pay my college
    Pay my brother's college.
    Fix older house we have.
    Buy a saving gas car.
    Give to my parents and relatives who need it.
    And if there's anything left put it in the bank for interest for later use.

  9. +unLazy U would be as scrooge :))))) – if you cut all y'r friends off/ For this reason the God is not give to you to win  🙁
    U wanna be Lucky then Be ready to share with someone! 

  10. I would love to own a ranch, 50 miles form Nowhere,  in Montana for kids with an Attitude Problem, Gang Members, Brats and General Idiots. ONE summer there and they would be normal again. All it takes is Responsibility, Discipline and Character. Needless to say, I would help kids that have or are destroying their lives.


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