Vaping popular among teenagers and college students – Should we be concerned?


Yes, because they’re everywhere.

When a looming cloud of vapor trails a passerby and assaults your face, it’s likely coming from a USB smoking device known as a JUUL.

That’s because JUUL owns nearly 75% of the e-cigarette market share.

So addictive are their fruity flavors they’re no longer sold in brick-and-mortar stores to curb ‘epidemic’ levels of teen vaping.

Since e-cigarette and JUUL usage has been on a steep rise, wanted to see what college students thought about the latest e-cigarette trend.

So, they surveyed 2389 college students on JUULs in various years to find out.

Here’s what they found:

-31.8% of college students surveyed say they own an e-cigarette in one form or another.

-55% say they’ve seen classmates vape during a lecture and 50.5% saw peers vaping in the school library.

-Only 5% of e-cigarette/vape owners say they want their schools to do something about vaping on campus (such as preventative measures or awareness) while 40%of non-owners say they want their schools to do something about it.

-Only 29% of all respondents want their school to do something about JUULs on campus.

For those who want their schools to do something about it, the biggest problem is that they’re being used in places where they’re not supposed to be used.

What Makes JUULs So Special?

Vaping JUUL Starter kit that comes with the JUUL, a charger, and 4 flavor pods.
JUUL Starter kit that comes with the JUUL, a charger, and 4 flavor pods
  • They’re marketed as a healthier alternative to cigarettes.
  • They’re also inconspicuously small, perfectly pocket-sized so you can bring them anywhere.
  • They also taste good.
  • Ever wanted to smoke in your room but was worried about your housemates and the thought of leaving your house was too much of a hassle?
  • You can do that now, and no one would be the wiser.
  • The convenience in size and liberal use is why JUULs have taken off, especially among young adults.

College students on JUULs – How prevalent is it on college campuses?

Vaping - this is most likely a common sight for students while walking across campus.
This is most likely a common sight for students while walking across camp

According to the survey conducted by, it’s quite prevalent.

31.8% own an e-cigarette in one form or the other
31.8% own an e-cigarette in one form or the other

The alarming rise in the use of e-cigarettes prompted Penn State University to enforce a policy that prevents the purchase of tobacco products and smoking accessories with their student payment card.

As of September 2018, 65 college campuses in Canada have enacted
policies towards a 100% smoke-free campus.

JUULs on campus are prevalent wherever establishments have conventionally forbidden smoking.


What are the health risks associated with JUULs?

Nicotine warning label.
Nicotine warning label.


E-cigarettes merely transmuted the form of smoke to vapor while retaining the addictive property of a cigarette: nicotine.

Ten hits are equivalent to a single cigarette in nicotine content. Overall, the amount of nicotine in a single JUUL pod is equal to a pack of cigarettes; that is, 20 cigarettes.

Early JUUL users often say that one hit is enough to make you feel an immediate high given how quickly it enters your bloodstream.

Indeed Ashley Gould, Juul’s chief administrative officer told Buzzfeed

“We do not want teens using the Juul. This is a product designed for adult smokers to switch from cigarettes and we are trying our hardest to implement youth prevention programs

Why It Matters to Non-JUUL Users on Campus



According to our survey, 54.8% and 50.5% of students said they’ve seen someone vape during a lecture and in the library, respectively.

What can be done?

Students can try to push their school administrations to raise awareness about the potential health risks of JUULs and e-cigarettes on campus and incorporate measures to hopefully prevent students from distracting others and potentially harming their health by vaping on campus.

Read the full article: Why You Should Be Worried About JUULs on Campus |
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