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After months of waiting and numerous false alarms it looks like Han and the Millennium Falcon are finally about to zoom into view.

Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard gave huge clues that the first teaser will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

It is the biggest night of television in the US but millions of fans around the world will be keeping an eye on the game just for their first glimpse of the latest Star Wars spin-off movie.

What time is the teaser likely to air and how can fans in the UK tune in?


The Super Bowl television coverage starts on NBC at 6.30pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday, February 4. That is 11.30pm in the UK and the broadcast lasts approximately four hours. 

There are usually at least 20 advertising breaks during the match, so how can fans know when to expect the trailer?

Lucasfilm and Disney will want to pick the moment when the most pop culture viewers are likely to tune in which is around the half-time show headlined by Justin Timberlake, unveiling material from his new album, Man of the Woods.

The half-time show is expected to start around 8pm ET, which will be 1am on Monday morning in the UK.


The broadcast of the Super Bowl will also be screened live in the UK by Sky Sports and BBC1.

The BBC will obviously not show any ads and Sky Sports is unlikley to show the American adverts, instead cutting to the UK studio for the pundits and analaysis of the game, as well as some UK advertsing breaks.

However, as soon as it has been broadcast on NBC, the Solo teaser trailer will be launched on the main Star Wars Youtube and social media platforms. Full details below.

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