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Halloween 2018 is a smash hit worldwide and fans should be warned the full horror of it all is not over yet.

The horror sequel/reboot has already taken a whopping $175million on a tiny $10million budget, while the critics have propelled it to a strong 79% aggregate score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The clever filmmakers have already left a clue right at the very end about what comes next and now they have also revealed their plans.

Stay shivering in your seats until the very end for one last classic horror movie trick which also points directly to what will happen in the sequel.


Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode makes no bones about the fact she intends to kill Mike Myers and the film climaxes with a terrifying and tense showdown between the two of them. 

At the very end Mike is trapped inside the locked basement in her house, which she then burns to the ground.

Can anyone survive that?

Wait to the very last seconds of the movie and listen very carefully. Horror movies famously love creaking floorboards, ‘don’t look behind you moments’ and ..

Can you hear that?

It is the chilling sound of breathing and it proves, despite all the odds of beig trapped under a burning house , Mike is somehow still alive.

Director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride admitted they had scrapped original plans to film two movies back to back, in case the first bombed at the box office. Now that it is very clearly a huge success they have opened up about what comes next.

McBride said: “We definitely have ideas of what we would do. I think we did not allow ourselves to really indulge those ideas until the movie came out. We just wanted to put all our hopes and dreams in having this film stick the landing. 

“But we do have thoughts and ideas of what we could possibly do. We hadn’t invested a ton of time on them, but now we’re being asked to figure it out. There are definitely talks on whether we will do more of them and we’re just trying to see what best makes sense.”

This confirms that the studio is already planning a sequel.

Curtis herself has already said she will return, one one simple conditon: “If David Gordon Green called me up and said, ‘Let’s do another Halloween’, I would do another Halloween.”

It looks like a Halloween sequel is about as certain as Mike Myers returning to terrify audiences all over again…



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