Guinness World Record breaker Dan Spencer twirls a cushion for 18 minutes


Instead of his usual duties, the 33-year-old spent nearly 20 minute spinning a cushion on his finger. What’s even better instead of getting a verbal warning for time-wasting Morrison’s worker Dan got a Guinness World Record.

At 18 minutes and 14 seconds, his cushion-twirling feat improves on the previous record by over 3 minutes.

Yes, someone had done it before.

Dan told the Brighton Argus: “I came to the decision this year that I wanted a Guinness World Record so I had a look and there was already a record for doing this.

“I decided to give it a go and now, I’m the best in the world at something.”

“It made all those times I was hit in the face with a cushion worthwhile”

Hayley Spencer

Dan’s been a cushion-spinner for quite some time. “I started doing it when I was about ten years old when I was watching the telly with my mum,” he told the Argus. “I would sit there and spin a pillow in the front room and it drove her mad.

Now it’s Dan’s wife Hayley that puts up with his obsessive soft furnishing manipulation. 

It was Hayley that oversaw all the important verification procedures that ensure a world record attempt can be properly recorded and she said she was delighted with the outcome: “It was really good seeing him achieve this and it made all those times I was hit in the face with a cushion worthwhile.”

Dan, who is from Brighton, used his record-breaking achievement to raise money for the Guide Dogs charity


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