Gianluigi Buffon announces SHOCK move after Juventus – and it’s not what you expect | Gaming | Entertainment


Gianluigi Buffon has made a surprising move ahead of his final farewell from football.

Despite announcing his retirement from the Italian football team, the Juventus shot-stopper has confirmed that he will once again captain his country… in World of Tanks.

Buffon has teamed up with World of Tanks to usher in the new pack of Italian tanks.

Even better is that players can recruit Buffon to captain their Italian tanks.

“Just like football, World of Tanks isn’t always about winning,” reads a War Gaming post. “It’s about dedication, raw emotion, and most importantly – teamwork.

“Whether you’re 15 vs 15 in our game or 11 vs 11 in football, it’s co-ordinated team efforts that win battles.

“And as we celebrate the Italian Tech Tree launch, we’re thrilled to welcome on board our global community the Italy’s football maestro who’s proved to be the man you want to rally the troops: Gianluigi ‘Gigi’ Buffon!”

Check out the trailer below for a closer look at Gianluigi Buffon in World of Tanks…

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