Gary Neville calls David Cameron an ‘absolute joke’ in election day savaging


Gary Neville savaged David Cameron this morning referring to him as an ‘absolute joke’.

Last week the retired defender blames Boris Johnson for ‘fuelling’ racism after an incident during the Manchester derby.

And with the polls open for less than an hour the Sky Sports presenter called out David Cameron for ‘running away’ after the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Quote tweeting Cameron, Neville said: “Absolute Joke you are. Started this mess and ran!”.

Cameron resigned when the country voted by 52%/48% to leave the EU in the June 2016 referendum.

He had campaigned heavily for remain and has been accused of calling the referendum for ‘selfish’ reasons.

David Cameron announcing his resignation


After the Manchester derby Neville was asked about alleged racial abuse during the game.

“It is happening in our country, our league,” Neville said.

“You are watching the Prime Minister’s debate last night where he is talking about migration to this country, and people having to have certain levels.

“It fuels it all the time. It has got worse over the last few years in this country and not just in football.”

David Cameron lost his referendum gamble and quit politics

His comments were backed up by fellow pundit Jamie Redknapp, who added: “It is a society problem.

“These are his views and he is walking around like that.

“It is terrible and something has to be done. It is not just about banning him from football. Everyone has a responsibility.

“He thinks he can come to a came and racially abuse someone playing football. It is disgusting.”

Polling booths opened across Britain this morning as voters head to ballot boxes to cast their votes in what has been billed as the most important general election in a generation.

Gary Neville on Sky Sports

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who gambled his premiership by triggering the vote, has sought to focus on his pledge to “get Brexit done” throughout the campaign.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has instead tried to highlight his party’s credentials on the health service and other domestic issues.

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General election 2019

A poll by The Daily Telegraph and Savanta ComRes, published on Wednesday night, placed the Tories five points ahead of Mr Corbyn’s party – indicating the potential for a Conservative majority or a hung parliament.

But a separate poll by Kantar put the Tories on 44%, Labour on 32% and the Liberal Democrats on 13%.


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