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Epic Games decided to do something a little different today by giving fans the chance to watch an in-game event live.

While some may have missed out because of waiting in queue errors and other problems, a large group of players managed to tune in.

Players flocked to Twitch and booted up their own copies of Fortnite to watch the rocket launch live.

And by the way people are talking about it online, it had its desired effect. Players were left with more question than answers by today’s event.


While many expected the Fortnite Rocket to land somewhere on the in-game map, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

While the missile flew into the sky, it didn’t plummet back down to Earth but instead created a crack in the Fortnite sky.

This was done through a pod that came out of the rocket and smashed a laser into Tilted Towers.

Many thought that was it for the area, with Epic Games about to start a big map change for Season 5.

However, the Tilted Towers remain intact, with things getting a little strange before the portal in the sky popped into view and started to grow.

It’s unclear what this might mean for the game, with some fans suggesting that something will be coming through the crack at the end of season 4.

It certainly looks like a portal, with the potential of something very large coming through from the other side.

Eagle-eyed observers believe that a part of the rocket did land back on the map, near Anarchy Acres.

This doesn’t appear to include anything special though, and might not play a further role in the ongoing event.


There have been a number of theories put forth on what Epic Games plans to do next.

Some believe we might see Epic Games release a new map as part of the Season 4 event.

This would go live for Season 5 and would mean major changes to the game.

Other believe that Epic Games are sticking to just one map, and will instead make further changes to what already exists.

It’s also been rumoured that out of the rocket launch, a Fortnite Leviathan creature will surface.

On Thursday reliable Fortnite leakers Two Epic Buddies tweeted details about how Fortnite season 4 will end, revealing more about Leviathan.

Two Epic Buddies said that Fortnite season 4 will end with two limited time modes (LTM).

One will be a 50v50 mode where one team controls the big Leviathan and has to escort him to Wailing Woods or Greasy Grove.

The other team has to take down the big Leviathan before it’s too late.

Huge footprints that have been spotted on the Battle Royale map have teased that large, monster-like creatures could play a part in Fortnite season 5.

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