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Today has seen a new announcement made by the development team, with plenty of further action expected during Season 4.

While Epic Games are starting to prime things for Season 5, today has seen a returning Fortnite skin confirmed.

The fan favourite Fortnite Red Knight skin will be coming back to the game very soon.

This was confirmed on the Fortnite Twitter page by Epic Games, who revealed that they would be adding the skin to the item shop later this week.

It was confirmed that the Red Knight skin would be back in the Fortnite item shop on Thursday, July 5.

The Red Knight hasn’t been available to buy with V-Bucks since February, having made its original debut during Season 2.

To those who want the Red Knight cosmetic, it’s going to be a great Thursday.

But for those who thought they had a rare skin, it appears that they’ll need to find something else.

The axe that completes the outfit may not be coming back tomorrow though, as this was initially a Battle Pass item.

The Axecalibur is a harder one to predict, but if it doesn’t hit the store, that will at least stay as a very rare item.

Fans will be paying top dollar for the new skin when it does arrive, having been classified as a Legendary item.

These usually cost 2,000 V-Bucks and serve to be some of the most expensive microtransactions available in Fortnite.

And there’s the chance that Epic Games will look to celebrate the end of Season 4 with even more skins this week.

Season 5 won’t be starting until later in July, meaning there’s plenty of time for other rare skins to be brought back by the development team.

While the Red Knight will be making his debut tomorrow, we also know that the Week 10 Challenges will be made available too.

Fortnite week 10 challenges are coming to the season 4 Battle Pass, and the headline tasks look to be search between movie title and floating rings.

As per usual, the Fortnite challenges leaked days before the new tasks are officially set to go live in the Battle Pass.

The Fortnite week 10 challenges were first revealed by Fortnite Tracker on Saturday.

The two most eye-catching challenges for Fortnite week 10 are search between movie titles and floating rings.

Search between movie titles was a Fortnite challenge that previously appeared on the leaked list for Fortnite week 9.

Sometimes Fortnite challenges appear on leaked lists early, so the likelihood is that it will make an appearance on week 10.

However, questions marks remain over the other eye-catching Fortnite challenge – skydive through floating rings.

Last week ‘visit Taco shops’ was listed as a leaked Fortnite challenge for week 9 but in the end, didn’t feature.


  • Search Chests in Junk Junction (0/7)
  • Deal damage to opponents’ structures (0/5000)
  • Search a Chest, Ammo Box and Supply Drop in a single match (0/3)
  • Skydive through floating rings (0/20)
  • Search between movie titles (HARD)(0/1)
  • Eliminate opponents (HARD)(0/10)
  • Eliminate opponents in Fatal Fields (HARD)(0/3)

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