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Epic Games are constantly bringing in new skins, items and challenges for players to work through and collect on .

The latest v5.2 content update today gave players a new Double Barrel Shotgun, as well as the chance to buy the Criterion and Oblivion legendary skins in the Item Shop.

But Fortnite players can now look forward to a bunch of new skins coming in the next few weeks thanks to a set of leaked images posted online. 

A data miner who has made his name from bringing reliable news from Fortnite, FNBR_Leaks posted some images appearing to show some upcoming skins, including a panda skin and a burger head skin.

When will leaked skins be released? 

Data miner FNBR_Leaks posted seven images of new skins for players to collect in the coming weeks.

Alongside the skins, he unveiled five new emotes, some cosmetics to the harvest tool and details on two new special items – the biplane and grappling hook. 

Nothing has been revealed by Epic Games about these new items or how they will work.

But the new purchases on offer should definitely shake up the meta and how players make their way around the map. 

Regular Fortnite leakers TwoEpicBuddies corroborated these leaks by posting images of several new gliders they found in the game’s code for the v5.2 update. 

There is no specific date for the new leaked skins to be released but fans can definitely expect them to be released before the next content update in two weeks. 

Epic Games usually drip-feed their skins throughout the fortnight to bring new content to fans throughout the week. 

The leaked skins show more of Fortnite’s wacky personality, with a Beef Boss skin inspired by the Durr Burger character.

There is also a P.A.N.D.A Team Leader skin for the animal lovers, as well as some 80’s style fitness skins. 

There have been rumours swirling around the internet suggesting that Fortnite could soon be coming to Android devices with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

To compound this rumour, FNBR_Leaks revealed a starry Galaxy skin, which he claims will only be available to those who play Fortnite on the new Galaxy S9 upon release.

Epic Games have not confirmed any of these details but fans will be hoping for some more news on this front soon. 

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