Feeding a family on a food stamp budget


Healthy food is hard to come by in many sections of Bridgeport, CT. Especially on a food stamp budget. We follow a single mother shopping as she tries to make …



  1. This is why I only
    Has one kid I cannot afford another and I will not have another kid while being on foodstamps we have to do better. Where is the husband ? 4 kids at 31 is a lot! Don’t have anymore until you are married and have money

  2. Also if all these grocery stores would donate the food that they're going to throw away it would help a lot people don't realize just in the us alone all the grocery stores all together throw away 44 million pounds of food a year

  3. She needs more food stamps??!.. Look at how obese she is… No wonder why she is saying she needs more food.. 90 percent is going in her mouth… An 10 percent into her kids… An look at that apartment.. Its very nice… This woman is a scammer.. An crys wolf…. Theres much more people who need alot more help before she does . she is fine !….. Just being greedy.. An wanting more… When she has enough! .. Want want want… Give me give me give me…. Wah wah wah….. Gtfoh… Crying wolf…. Scammer..

  4. Im sorry thats a lot of money..shes not looking like shes going without. I was in that same situation without a roof over my head. I portioned my meals and i lost weight so the kids could eat more so i don't what she is talking about. Riding a bus is no problem and she has a 12 year old that can babysit too.im sorry but cant feel bad for someone that doesn't work hard enough and admits it.

  5. Almost 800 a month and they cant manage wow how dumb .. we grew up very poor and could feed a family of 5 at times on 40 bucks a week peeps.Its a supplement you are expected to earn some for yourself too.

  6. Again, we have situations like this and still have thousands waiting at the border to be taken care of. When does it end? How much of private citizens' personal income should be taken from them thru taxes to feed other people? When does the "generosity" end? When we are also struggling to feed ourselves?

  7. I do not feel sorry. My wife and I dated for 7 years before marriage. We worked hard and made lots of money. We then got married and bought a house. Then we had kids. We traveled and enjoyed things before kids. Now my kids are 6. We spend all of our time with them. They will never have to worry about missing meals or a Mom or Dad. I been together 19 years. What trash this lady is.

  8. If Americans (and citizens Globally) put in as much effort into why they are putting themselves into this situation by having children they cannot afford to feed, this situation wouldn't be nearly as critical as it is. Where is the Father for Mercedes children? If you want to have loads of children, that is fine but don't expect the Government to pay for it!!!

  9. I feel bad for them but she could get on child action, the government will pay a day care or family member/ friend to watch her kids then she can get a job work, save up, get a car,( they also give free monthly bus passes at the well fare office) but she's comfortable honestly there's a lot more she could be doing. I'm not being rude but I've seen people do it really depends how motivated you are. Also I'm posting this information because maybe somebody out there can use this & get extra help if they don't know what child action is, or that the human assistance where u get good stamps gives monthly bus passes


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