Who wears short shorts? Men


Men in shorts is an age-old discussion — can they or can’t they get away with them?

There are so many questions around such a small amount of fabric, and whatever your stance is, one thing is for sure: You better get ready to see even more men’s legs come spring.

Today, Milan designers opened the spring 2020 shows with some skimpy designs for the brave men out there.

Sure, it’s women’s fashion week, but the men stole a few shows by displaying some major leg.

Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos’ usual London-based Peter Pilotto show moved to Milan this season and started the short shorts trend off with a few beach-worthy looks, like a tropical floral print and a surf-friendly striped pair.

Arthur Arbesser followed suit with two pairs in flowy materials in both solid black and white.

Annakiki went a little “business casual” with a lime-green leather blazer over a khaki double-breasted short suit, topped off with a purse worn around the neck, of course.

“She” might wear short shorts, but in the age of inclusivity, so does he!

By Johannah Masters

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