Vintage Coats From Old Hollywood Are All The Fashion Inspiration You Need


There’s nothing like a great coat to finish off any outfit, especially during the cold and dreary winter months. 

Wearing the right coat can make you feel plenty of things: strong, polished, sophisticated and even just plain fun, depending on the style. If anyone understood that, it was the women of Old Hollywood. Stars like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Esther Williams, among many others, were masters of outerwear. 

During these stars’ reign of the film industry, fur coats ― often seen as a symbol of wealth and status ― were a go-to, but tailored wool coats, sometimes in check and plaid patterns, were also popular. 

Many of the classic styles beloved by Old Hollywood starlets, such as belted wool trenches and oversized silhouettes, have stood the test of time. One notable difference, however, is real fur’s declining popularity. Over the past year alone, major brands like Burberry, Givenchy and Gucci have ditched fur in favor of faux alternatives. And while faux fur isn’t a perfect substitute, it doesn’t involve harming animals. 

To get a little inspiration for the upcoming winter coat season, check out the photos below and find out how to get some vintage-inspired outerwear for yourself:

  • Gene Lester via Getty Images

  • Elizabeth Taylor, 1962

    Keystone via Getty Images

  • Ingrid Bergman, circa 1948

    Bettmann via Getty Images

  • Grace Kelly, 1956

    Bettmann via Getty Images

  • Gene Tierney, undated

    John Rawlings via Getty Images

  • Marlene Dietrich, 1933

    Keystone-France via Getty Images

  • Audrey Hepburn, 1960

    Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

  • Doris Day, 1960

    Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images

  • Sophia Loren, undated

    Keystone-France via Getty Images

  • Leslie Caron, 1961

    Keystone via Getty Images

  • Irene Dunne, 1939

    Keystone-France via Getty Images

  • Esther Williams, undated

    Keystone-France via Getty Images

  • Ann Harding, 1935

    Clarence Sinclair Bull via Getty Images

  • Jean Harlow, around 1932

    John Kobal Foundation via Getty Images

  • Rita Hayworth, 1941

    John Kobal Foundation via Getty Images

  • Ava Gardner, circa 1950

    Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images

  • Ginger Rogers, 1936

    John Kobal Foundation via Getty Images

  • Gina Lollobrigida, 1964

    Keystone via Getty Images

  • Jean Simmons, undated

    PA Images via Getty Images

  • Veronica Lake, 1942

    Bettmann via Getty Images

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