Those People We Tried to Cancel? They’re All Hanging Out Together


Mr. Shapiro said, “Our culture is dying because we have no capacity for forgiveness or discussion.”

“There have been attempts to cancel me, but I cannot be canceled, because I refuse to be canceled,” Ms. Herzog said

“I’ve certainly lost a lot of friends and had a lot of abuse online and damage to my reputation and livelihood,” Mr. Doyle said, “but that’s not the same thing as being canceled. I’m still able to do the work I want to do. If you retreat away, it makes you the victim. We don’t want to be considered victims.”

“They can’t cancel you if you don’t care,” Ms. Phetasy said.

“My cancellation, if you want to call it that, has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me,” Mr. Rubin said.

“SJWs don’t have friends, they have allies,” Ms. Smith said. “And your allies leave as soon as you’re not speaking the ideology anymore.”

Ms. Murphy describes her cancellation as “a gift.”

As Ms. Herzog has begun to advise other people through their cancellations, her advice to them is to embrace being canceled.

“It’s deeply painful, but it can be positive in many ways,” she said. “Before this happened, I was much more dogmatic, I was more of a purist. I’m smarter, I’m more skeptical, I’m more empathetic, and I’m much less quick to judge than I was before. And I’m much less sure of my own correctness.”

“Which is why I hope everyone is canceled,” she said.

By John McDermott

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