Ryan Seacrest shares his biggest fashion fails


Ryan Seacrest is generally a man of style, but the television and radio personality admits that he’s guilty of numerous fashion felonies.

Top of the rap sheet is a creepy transparent shirt. “I remember on Season 2 of ‘American Idol,’ I wore a sheer button-down where you could see through it,” he told the Post at the Naeem Khan show during New York Fashion Week, where he was seated alongside Debra Messing in the front row. “I thought that it was a good idea. I think I was sabotaged by somebody.”

He may also have abused the no-socks trend. “At first, it was very hard for me to go sockless,” admits the T.V. host. “It’s a very New York thing to not wear socks. And then I got hooked on not wearing socks to the point where I had to start wearing socks because I was getting criticized for not wearing them in cold weather. That’s one I may have taken on too fast.”

Despite these violations, he’s trying to stay hip at 44 – but sometimes gets tripped up. “I’m having trouble with the shoestrings not being tied. I’ve been trying to do it; it’s part of my midlife crisis,” he says of the trend of not tying your laces, but rather tucking them in so there isn’t a visible bow. “The kids that work with me say, ‘Why are you tying your strings? You should be slipping into the shoes.’”

“It’s difficult for me to get behind that,” says Seacrest, “and it’s very dangerous.”

By Alev Aktar

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