Meghan Markle Leaves The Tag Showing On Her Dress Just Like Us



The Duchess of Sussex stepped off a plane in Tonga Thursday with the tag showing on her dress.

A version of her Self Portrait frock retails for about $450 on the company’s website, but it’s unlikely that Duchess Meghan, formerly Meghan Markle, intended to advertise.

Phil Noble / Reuters

The Duchess of Sussex (and her label) with Prince Harry and Tonga’s Princess Latufuipeka Angelika Tuku’aho.

The label fluttered out of the hem of her dress as she and Prince Harry met Tonga’s Princess Latufuipeka Angelika Tuku’aho, serving as a reminder that even royalty can commit a fashion faux pas ― and an entirely relatable one.

Bless her heart for giving royal watchers a chuckle just thinking about the possibility that she bought the dress off the rack.

Wait ― doesn’t she have an assistant in charge of tag removal?

Meghan and Harry were visiting the South Pacific nation as part of a 16-day royal tour that began amid a palace announcement that she is pregnant with their first child.



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