Every Masked Singer Season 2 Reveal (So Far)


The Masked Singer has captivated America, and it isn’t hard to see why. The elaborate costumes, the performances, and the big mystery behind the identities of …



  1. imagine if they did this but with a list celebs.. like the whole point of the show is trying to guess who it is- BUT I STILL HAD NO IDEA WHO ANY OF THESE PEOPLE WERE.. so whats the point

  2. So I've never seen the show and don't have much interest in watching besides the clips online but what's the overall goal of the show? Do they win something? Or is there no actual end?

  3. Never watched this show but I love how the judges are always guessing A list celebs and they don’t realize it’s always B or C list. How long will it take for them to realize jimmy fallen and Oprah aren’t coming on that show?

  4. Interview for the show goes a little like this: "Have you been irrelevant for the past 5-10 years? Does a specific type of audience still remembers you? I mean, you're here, so might as well hire you."

  5. I wish that they focused more on a raw competition of masked people vs other anonymous people, for that’s what made the Korean version so cool to me. It made a lot more people aware of the singers legitimate talents rather than just who they were, but idk man


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