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It’s a movie about the famous American gun-making dynasty and the creepy true events that surrounded the family mansion.

With all reviews embargoed until the release date, the signs were already ominous and it should come as no surprise that critics have opened both barrels and taken aim at a horror movie that is “firing blanks.”

Witha  dreadful 11% aggregate score on Rotten Tomatoes, not even the weighty presence of our very own Oscar-winning Dame Helen will be enough to save this total “misfire”, it seems.

In fact, the only fun and upbeat news about the movie has been the playful story that many excited fans thought it was actually a film aboyt the beloved Winchester brothers from cult TV show, Supernatural.

Full UK and international reviews round-up next:

Linda Marric, HeyUGuys: “A disappointing movie from directors, and a cast, who are capable of far better. A first draft script and pedestrian director leave us with the biggest mystery of them all: how did this go so badly wrong…?”

Kristy Puchko, CBR: “Winchester shoots itself in the foot at every opportunity.”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian: “A staggeringly pointless supernatural non-chiller featuring some very tiresome jump scares.”

Matt Glasby, Total Film: “There’s a great film to be made out of the Winchester story, but sadly this isn’t it.”

Ben Travis, Empire Magazine: “Despite an intriguing premise, Winchester misses the mark. Its anti-gun message is a shot in the right direction, but lazy fright tactics and a contradictory ending leave it firing blanks.”

Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph: “It thinks “based on actual events” are words likely to boost the shudder count: instead, they cramp every flight of imagination a haunted-house flick should feel emboldened to make.”

Stephen Dalton, Hollywood Reporter: “Winchester draws on a fascinating true story but then simplifies and sensationalizes it to fit creaky, clunky horror convention.”

Jamie East, The Sun: “Winchester is similar to Woman in Black in both looks and scares – but has Helen Mirren up its sleeve.”

Jason Solomons, TheWrap: “Mirren does her best to bring gravitas to the role, although I’m not sure that’s what it needed. Nor does she give it Miss Havisham scary-spinster camp. It needed a bit more Bette Davis, a bit of sarcasm. Mirren just looks like she hates being here.”

Roger Moore, Movie Nation: “The first major movie disappointment of 2018.”


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