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Solo A Star Wars Story is facing a catastrophic box office performance.

The movie itself, however, has proven that anyone can come back from the dead. That said, it might need more than all the powers of the Dark Side to save the ailing Anthology flop.

It’s no secret that Darth Maul makes a shock reappearance, even though audiences saw him tumble to his death. More than that, they saw him cut clean in half. How can anyone possibly come back from that?

The Sith apprentice’s rather battered latest appearance only hints at the terrible things he has gone through since he was last seen… 


Maul appears in a hologram to Qi’ra at the end of Solo, revealed as the mysterious Crimson Dawn leader than even Dryden Vos was terrified of.

Brit action star Ray Park once again plays the evil Sith, who looked noticably more battered and with a chilling glimpse of his new legs.

His resurrection may confuse casual fans, but not dedicated Star Wars followers who know that in the canon spin-off books, comics and TV show, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Maul made an extraordinary but traumatic comeback.

Maul’s hatred for Obi-Wan was so powerful it sustained his life force, even after those horrific injuries, and he was able to pull his upper body to a junk heap and then escape to the lowlife world of Lotho Minor.  

Fuelled with hatred and rage, Maul scavengers junk and builds himself metal spider legs. He also goes insane. 

Luckily he has a powerful family and his Dark Force witch mother Talzin sends his brother, the fantastically modestly named Savage Opress, to bring him to her. Talzin works her (dark) magic, restores Maul’s mind and gives him new robot legs.  

This is the battered and slightly less nimble figure we see on screen in Solo A Star Wars Story. 

Of course, he is still a fearsome warrior, with powerful physical and Force fighting strength. Currently the head of galactic crime syndicate Crimson Dawn, fans know he will repeatedly face Obi-wan over the years before their final duel to the death.

Whether Maul reappears in the Star Wars franchise won’t necessarily depend on the (fading) chances of a Han Solo trilogy. Park is reportedly in talks for another Anthology movie and there is already hope he may appear in the upcoming Obi-Wan spin-off, or even the Boba Fett project.


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