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Over the last few months there have been a number of glimpses at Tom Holland and co-stars of ‘s Spider-Man Far From Home, but we’re yet to see Gyllenhaal’s villain.

However the Avengers 4 sequel is currently shooting across Europe, with the latest scenes having been captured in Liberec, Czech Republic.

Posted on Twitter by Martin Knap, a set video is labelled: “Final scenes from Spider-Man: Far from Home in Liberec, now the end of filming.”

The footage see cars arriving in an inner city area filled with flaming debris. Gyllenhall’s Mysterio can be seen crouched on the ground.

Mysterio is facing off against Holland’s Peter Parker, who is seen wearing his new black Spider-Man costume.

Gyllenhaal’s villain is a master hypnotist, who is known for his large cape and fishbowl helmet.

In this footage the actor is certainly wearing a large cape and body armour, however the iconic headgear is nowhere to be seen.

It could be that it’s considered too cheesy for the MCU films, or maybe it’ll be worn in other scenes, or perhaps even the helmet will be added in digitally later like Thor’s eyepatch in Avengers Infinity War.

Could Tony Stark be sacrificing himself to bring back the boy he’s mentored since Captain America Civil War?

It’s certainly a common trope in epic sagas for the mentor to die, and would fit Tony’s story arc across the MCU so well.

Since 2008’s Iron Man, Tony’s moved from being a selfish womanising playboy, to a responsible, sacrificial father figure. What better way for him to bow out than by dying for those he loves?

Spider-Man Far From Home will be released in July 2019.


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