Seth Rogen Just Made A Shocking Discovery About ‘Home Alone,’ And Fans Are Bummed


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Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen has gifted Twitter with a big ol’ lump of truth on Christmas by exposing a sad detail about the holiday classic “Home Alone.”

The 36-year-old informed the public that the seemingly old, gangster movie “Angels With Filthy Souls,” which Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) watched with glee while his parents were away, isn’t real.

It’s unclear if the “Like Father” actor decided to investigate the movie’s authenticity himself or if some other Scrooge decided to ruin his childhood. But what is clear is that on Christmas day, Rogen decided to take all of us down with him by letting everyone know the catchphrases in the franchise that end with “ya filthy animal” only exist in the “Home Alone” universe.

People (including a few celebrities) understandably, were disappointed.

The tweet inspired other “Angels With Filthy Souls” truthers to come out of the woodwork and share that they’ve had this knowledge for years.

According to a 2015 Vanity Fair article about the movie-within-a-movie, the one-minute-and-20-second glimpse at the very realistic looking noir was shot in an abandoned high school gym on a cold winter day outside of Chicago. The title of the fake film had the placeholder of “the gangster film” in the script and only got the name “Angels with Filthy Souls” (a nod to James Cagney’s “Angels with Dirty Faces”) for pragmatic reasons.

“I believe the title was decided upon only because we needed to create a label for the tape Kevin puts in the VHS player,” art director Dan Webster told the magazine. “Now that is a very old-fashioned statement.”

The fake scene stars Ralph Foody (Johhny) and Michael Guido (Snakes, the poor sap in the trench coat and fedora) who initially were cast in opposite roles. 

But because Foody had just had knee-replacement surgery, he couldn’t bend down properly for the dramatic death scene. So, the roles were switched, which Guido was fine with at first.

“But a few years later I realized I was just about the only actor from the original film who was not invited to be in the sequel because my character was ‘dead.’ Oh well,” Guido told Vanity Fair.

Though all of this can be a bit of a downer, one Twitter user did come up with a pretty brilliant idea.

So, if Culkin does decide to be meta and make an actual “Angels with Filthy Souls” movie, maybe then give Guido a call? 


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