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People around the world look at Jay Z and Beyonce with envy. They are the power couple many people want to be and are now quite literally one of the most powerful couples in the world!

However, RapTV says that while they are certainly the most well-known and famous couple in the world, much of their actual relationship has stayed very private. We are mostly left with hints that have been dropped in a range of song lyrics over the year, but really just leave people begging for more information!

We all know that Jay-Z is a legendary recording artist and producer. We also all know Beyonce was the stand out Destiny Child singer turned solo artist who everyone fell in love with.

But do you know how these two celebrities crossed paths and got together? Or the ups and downs of their relationship? Or even if they are still together?

We are about to spill the entire timeline of Jay-Z and Beyonce and share their romance timeline—including the good, the bad, the fabulous, and the ugly.

1How the duo first met

It was at the turn of the century when Jay-Z and Beyonce first crossed paths. In 1999/2000 Beyonce had just turned the legal age of 18 and was already a pop star princess. Jay Z was also chiselling his mark in the music industry. But it wasn’t immediate sparks that year. In fact, it wasn’t until 2001 when they both were on the set of a Vanity Fair photo shoot that the sparks began to fly.

2 They took their time first as friends

For the first year and a half Jay Z and Beyonce spent the majority of their time on the phone with one another, as they both had very busy lives! While they both had feeling for each other, the relationship was first formed as a friendship with very limited physical encounters. Beyonce has said in numerous interviews that she is adamant it was that first year and a half that allowed them to form such a close bond and establish great communication skills with one another.

3Then they started working together

As the sparks continued to grow, Beyonce and Jay-Z decided it was time to finally combine their talents. They collaborated on a hit single called “03 Bonnie & Clyde” and also filmed the music video together. This collaboration set the scene for the brilliant chemistry that was about to form. By 2003 they dropped the viral “Crazy in Love” single that won the duo a Grammy and they set the stage on fire when they performed it live together. But while the two commanded the stage together, they managed to keep their private dating life very much private.

4Four years later they come out publicly

After they topped the charts, the duo gained more confidence in going out in public together. And neither shied away from showing PDA with one another, as they were pretty much always seen holding hands, kissing and sitting next to one another. They become the envy of every other relationship. And it was that same year that they started attending celebrity events and award shows together as one another’s dates. Things were starting to really spark and by 2006 Beyonce was hinting at wanting a wedding in numerous interviews.

5The ups and downs in the rumor mills

For two years rumors were flying everywhere about Jay Z and Beyonce. Some would claim they were on the verge of break-up while others were adamant they were secretly engaged. But it was the latter that turned out to be true, as in 2008 the duo were officially wed in a secret ceremony. To this day, we know very little about the actual wedding itself, other than being able to speculate it was absolutely fabulous!

6From husband and wife to parents-to-be

Two years after saying ‘I do’, Beyonce took a backseat to the limelight. This led to a flurry of rumors the two were expecting a baby! In 2011 the pair announced they were expecting beautiful little Blu Ivy live at a Grammy performance and at the start of 2012 the popstar prodigy was born!

7The parents continued on top

For the next few years, the couple seemed to fall more in love, dropping super steamy singles together and commanding the stage. That is, until that infamous elevator incident where Beyonce’s sister hit Jay-Z, which many speculate was a result of her finding out Jay-Z cheated on Queen B!

8Lemonade goes sour and then sweet

In 2016 Beyonce released a revealing album that suggested Jay-Z did in fact cheat on her. However, the two are very much together. They now have three children after welcoming twins into the world a few years ago.

Jay Z and Beyonce have been married for over a decade and are now worth over a billion dollars! Talk about a power couple that is the envy of all!




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