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UPDATE: Fortnite update 5.2 has been officially announced by Epic Games.

The next major Fortnite patch will be preceded by a period of server downtime at 9am BST.

Patch v5.20 approaches! Experience the update yourself tomorrow, August 7. Downtime begins at 4 AM ET (0800 GMT).”

Full patch notes will be revealed alongside the offline server maintenance.

ORIGINAL: Fortnite update 5.2 is about to be released by Epic Games.

The next major Fortnite update is tipped to launch on Tuesday, August 7.

And unlike last week’s smaller content update, this week’s patch should require some server downtime.

If it’s anything like previous Fortnite updates, expect the servers to be taken offline at around 9am BST.

Numbered updates typically coincide with outages lasting upwards of 2-hours. Expect an official announcement soon.

In the meantime, fans have discovered alleged new features, skins and items leaked as part of early Android patch notes.

According to game files datamined by XDA Developers, new Fortnite skins could include a special Durr Burger hero, male and female exercise models from the 1980s and even a sushi chef.

Over the course of the next few weeks, it looks like Epic is also planning to release a new cage trap, consumables called Prickly Pears and a handful of limited time modes (LTMs).

This is said to include a Wild West mode where modern technology is removed, as well as a tactical mode in which building supplies are limited.

In terms of fixes, Fortnite Trello patch notes confirm that PC voice chat problems will be a thing of the past after the next update.

Players will also be praying for the , which are essential for completing the Week 4 challenges.


• Celestial (Male)

• DurrburgerHero (Male) (Burger Boss Victory well done.)

• Exercise (Female) (Aerobic Assassin Flex your victory muscles.)

• Exercise (Male) (Mullet Marauder Totally radical.)

• FuzzyBearPanda (Female) (2000 V-Bucks) (P.A.N.D.A Team Leader Victory now. Nap later.)

• StreetRacerWhite (Female) (Whiteout Break away from the pack.)

• StreetRacerWhite (Male) (Overtaker Take over the competition.)

• SushiChef (Male) (1200 V-Bucks) (Sushi Master Roll out!)


• Aerobics (500 V-Bucks) (Work it Out Break a sweat.)

• Chug (Go! You can do it!)

• Llama Bell

• Hot Stuff (Hot Stuff Tss!)

• Pump (500 V-Bucks)


• DurrburgerHero

• Exercise

• StreetRacerBike

• StreetRacerWhite

• SushiChef


• SushiChef (800 V-Bucks)

• Exercise

• StreetRacerCobra (800 V-Bucks)

• DurrburgerHero

• Wukong

Back Bling:

• 80’s Exercise (Female)

• 80’s Exercise (Male)

• StreetRacerWhite (Female)

• StreetRacerWhite (Male)

• SushiChef (Male)

• DurrBurgerHero (Male)

• FuzzyBearPanda (Female)


• Break-barrel Shotgun

• Heavy Sniper (Heavy Sniper Slower reload time, first shot pieces wall)

• Rail Sniper (Rail gun)

Game modes:

• 5×20 (20x20x20x20x20)

• Bling

• Blitz

• Comp Blitz

• Deimos

• Final

• Gameplay Mutators

• Ground

• Fly Explosives

• Impact

• Practice

• Score

• Shotguns

• Sky Supply (Sky Supply Drops rain from above!)

• Snipers

• Solid Gold

• Steady Storm

• Taxes (Tactical Showdown This mode encourages tactical combat and building by putting a cap on the amount of resources and ammunition players can carry. Player structures also star with less health than normal.)

• “WW” (Wild West We don’t have none of that new fancy tech here!)


• Durrrables Burger (Healing item)

• Durrrables Drink (Shield Item)

• Durrrables Fries (Movement Speed Boost)

• Bottle Rocket (Fireworks Bright, loud, and fun! Warning: do not light indoors.)

• Grapple

• ZipLine

• “Shockwave” Grenade


• Cage Trap (Lockup Trap)

• Foraged Items (like shield shrooms and apples):

• “Hurt N’ Heal” (Prickly Pear)

• “Movement Speed”


• Season 5 Treasure Map 03

Vehicle effects:

• TireGlowRed on golf carts for StreetRacer

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