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One of the world’s most popular games has slowly seen new content released for it since its original launch.

And Epic Games has now confirmed more details on the next Fortnite update being released this week.

Fortnite 5.10 will be a content patch, with early patch notes already confirming some of the stuff it will contain.

One of the big news story today is that Epic Games will be bringing back the Guided Missile.

Having been deemed too powerful for the game, the development team will be adding it to the game arsenal again, albeit with changes.

This will include it being used as a scouting tool, rather than a fully fledged game-winner.

Its return was first mentioned in a development blog and has been confirmed for launch this week in a new in-game news bulletin.

This is where Epic Games like to confirm their next items for launch, so fans can expect it to arrive very soon.

The Fortnite support team have now confirmed that a new content update will arrive tomorrow, July 31.

It will contain the Guided Missile, as well as a few other tweaks that have yet to be revealed.

It was first announced that downtime would be needed for the release; however, Epic Games have clarified on Twitter that this will no longer be required.

“Good news, everyone! Downtime is no longer required for the v5.10 Content Update that is scheduled for tomorrow, July 31 at 4 AM ET (0800 GMT),” the Epic Games message reads.

What this means is that fans won’t have to wait hours to try out the new content, which should go live with the latest update around 9am, UK time.

Patch notes will also go live at around that time, so will be worth keeping an eye out for the latest information on the official social channels.

Another item that appears set for release this week but has yet to be confirmed is a new LTM.

Playground Mode has been available to play since last week but is not a permanent mode.

Epic Games are planning on launching something like it as a feature that will be available at all times.

However, this isn’t ready yet and means Playground Mode will be disappearing over the next 48hrs.

The latest reports suggest that the Fly Explosives LTM will replace it, bringing back the popular jetpack action to all platforms.

Data miners have found evidence that suggests it will be going live very soon and will include jetpacks, as well as some of the game’s most potent weapons.

This is a cross between the High Explosives LTM fans have already played, which will also add Jetpacks as floor loot.

The patch notes from this LTM also confirms that all of Fortnite’s explosive-type weapons will be included.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play game developed by Epic Games and currently available to download on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and Mobile iOS.

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