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Bumblebee is the Transformers prequel audiences didn’t know they needed, but definitely deserve. The film takes place in 1987 and the transforming robot car Bumblebee is looking for a place to take refuge on earth, hiding out at in California junkyard where a teenage girl named Charlie eventually discovers the Transformer. Charlie uncovers a secret government agency called Sector 7 is hunting down Transformers, of which there are more on Earth than just Bumblebee. Unfortunately, Charlie soon learns those other Transformers may have evil intentions during their stay on the planet.

Can you watch Bumblebee online? Is it legal?

As of yet, there is no legal online stream for the Bumblebee movie.

Any website claiming to have a copy for viewing is illegal, so tread carefully.

The Transformers prequel has also yet to get an estimated release date for the DVD.

So predicting when the film will arrive online is difficult as it could be anywhere from six to ten months.

Most films take three to eight months from the end of their cinema run to come out on DVD.

From that point, a guessing game ensues to figure out when the movie will be made available on a streaming platform like Netflix.

The Guardian’s Ben Child has a theory as to the success of the Bumblebee movie in comparison to its predecessors.

He wrote: “Instead of being an object of desire for the saga’s presumably mostly male and teenage audience, the tomboyish Charlie Watson is presented through a filter borrowed from 1980s teen movies such as Karate Kid, Risky Business and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, each of which also treated cars as an essential part of the coming-of-age process.

“The truth is that Transformers never really needed sex in the first place – certainly not the leering, lascivious kind served up in the early movies.

“Bay is the kind of film-maker who could shoehorn boob and bum shots into a big-screen adaptation of The Care Bears.

“But Transformers, as Bumblebee seems set to prove, looks a lot more comfortable as a PG offering.”

Indeed, Bumblebee has garnered an impressive 93 per cent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

After the disastrous attempts of the previous Transformers films, Bumblebee has reinvigorated the franchise.

But for those seeking to catch the movie at home, they’ll simply have to wait.

Or head to the cinema and enjoy the Transformers in all their big screen glory.

When Bumblebee receives its home entertainment release date, more accurate predictions of a streaming date can be made.

The DVD will hopefully include behind the scenes footage and bonus features, as is common with home editions.

Those featurettes, however, are generally not available on streaming platforms.

Bumblebee is now playing in cinemas.


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