Britney Spears superfan racks up $137K in merch


Gimme more — merch.

A 25-year-old Pennsylvania man and Britney Spears superfan has hit the jackpot with a massive $137,000 collection of merchandise that he’s been hoarding since the pop star’s heyday in 1999.

Zachary Gordon-Abraham, a recycling tech, confessed he’s spent “spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years” on his array of Spears merchandise, which includes hundreds of tour programs, albums, autographs, photos and tons more that are now worth said amount.

“I’m such a die-hard fan for Britney,” Gordon-Abraham said.

“So many people think it’s odd to be so infatuated with a pop star, but to so many of her fans, she is so much more than just a pop star.”

Every day is Christmas morning for this Britney Spears collector.

Gordon-Abraham’s collection has pinnacle items. including a personally engraved “Oops I Did It Again” plaque and an autographed photo he was personally sent during Spears’ lingerie promotional tour in 2014. The collection is something he shares with his husband, who has also contributed to the pop stockpile in their “Britney room.”

A majority of Zachary's collection organized on shelves.
A majority of Zachary’s collection is organized on shelves in the Britney room.
Zachary Gordon-Abraham / Caters

“Britney is even the reason we started talking to each other way back in 2013,” Gordon-Abraham said of his husband.

Gordon-Abraham also touted one of his more rare pieces, a program from her Circus Tour show in New York City.

“Every once in a while, a copy will end up on eBay for thousands of dollars,” he said.

The obsessive and apparently consumer-savvy hobby is one inspired by his mom, Gordon-Abraham explained.

“My mother would buy me merchandise and always instilled in me that it could be worth something one day,” he said.

Mega fan Zachary Gordon-Abraham with some of his many Britney Spears collectables.
Mega-fan Zachary Gordon-Abraham with some of his many Britney Spears collectibles.

Gordon-Abraham, who met Spears in 2011 on her Femme Fatale Tour, even managed to make it big with his idol a few years later — sort of.

Gordon-Abraham with Britney Spears.
Gordon-Abraham with Britney Spears.

“At her 2018 tour, during the intro to her song ‘Gimme More,’ I screamed ‘Who is it?!’ from the crowd, and she looked at me, laughed and replied with ‘It’s Britney b–ch,’” he said.

“The video went viral within hours and racked up millions of views across social media within the last three years.”

Of course, Gordon-Abraham is one of many die-hard Britney fans who have been supporting her during her contentious battle with her family to have her conservatorship, which she’s been under for 13 years, removed.

By Alex Mitchell

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