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Avengers Infinity War fans in the US have already been pouring over the digital home entertainment release.

It is packed with revelations and clues, big and small.

The writers and director all contribute full audio commentaries on the movie and give away some tantalising information.

During the commentary on those final dramatic scenes with Thanos, Joe Russo drops one massive clue about what comes next.

When Thanos uses all six Infinity Stones to create The Snap, it’s not only half of all life across the universe that is lost.

The Gauntlet itself is seen blackened and broken.

Russo confirms it is damaged. Even more importantly, he reveals that the Mad Titan himself also paid a terible price.

This tells us one hugely important thing about Avengers 4.

Russo said: “See there, with the Gauntlet and his arm… the power that it takes to use all six stones is significant, and it clearly damaged the Gauntlet. And damaged Thanos permanently.”

Thanos was already believed to be badly hurt by Thor’s attack, but this new information shows that even a being as unimaginably powerful as Thanos (even before he wielded any Infinity Stones) can barely survive using the full Gauntlet.

Many fans have been hoping Tony Stark or perhaps Hulk will take up a second Gauntlet in Avenges 4 to defeat Thanos.

Clearly this is not possible and one one person has the strength to do it and live.

Marvel, of course, has already set up what comes next.

The very last scene, in fact, sets up what comes next and what will change everything in Avengers 4 and the folowing Marvel Phase 4.

Captain Marvel is probably the single most powerful MCU hero, if not the most powerful character good or bad.

If anyone is going to use that other Gauntlet sneakily shown at the dwarf forge Nidavellir and survive, it will be her.

Of course, that still leaves the option that Tony Stark or Steve Rogers will sacrifice themselve in one last supereme act of heroism… 

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