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The Marvel epic had one of the most jaw-dropping endings seen at the cinema in years.

The villain won. Thanos collected all six Infinity Stones, clicked his fingers and half the universe turned to ash.

Those who survived are mainly the original line-up of the Avengers, who have been divided since Captain America: Civil War.

But what on earth is Avengers 4? Now directors The Russo Brothers have dropped a massive hint.

Speaking with , Joe and Anthony Russo said: “We do have a name for it, we’re just not announcing it.

“And I think we came to that name fairly early in the development process.

“It speaks to the heart of the story.”

So what could be the “heart of the story”, taking into account this is the finale to the last decade of Marvel movies?

Well one theory is the Avengers themselves, working together to save the world – but they’re currently divided. So what could the Avengers 4 title be, especially taking into account it’s a spoiler?

Well now fans have seen the film it might be easier to hazard a good guess.

With Captain America and Iron Man left alive, they’re going to have to work together; they’re going to have to get the band back together.

But Avengers: Reassembled is too much of a mouthful. Whereas Avengers: United has a positive, punchy ring to it that, well we think anyway, “speaks to the heart of the story.”

Interestingly Avengers United is a collector’s edition Marvel comic that was released in the UK from 2001.

Meanwhile another popular Avengers 4 title is Avengers: Endgame, as suggested by , because Doctor Strange teases “we’re in the endgame now” when he willingly hands Thanos the Time Stone.

Of course the Sorcerer Supreme has seen the one version of the future where the Avengers defeat Thanos and just before he turned to ash he said, “It was the only way”, so he obviously knows what he’s doing.

Avengers 4 is released in UK cinemas on April 26, 2018.

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