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The movie has already had encouraging reviews from critics, a sharp change of pace from the likes of other Netflix releases such as Bright and The Cloverfield Paradox.

Now it has been announced that Netflix will host it in several territories including the UK from March 12.

It’s out in the US in cinemas today, but won’t be getting a theatrical release in many other international markets.

Portman stars as Lena, part of a military group who enters The Shimmer – a quarantined zone full of unnerving landscapes and creatures.

Oscar Isaac stars as her husband, and it’s said to be every bit as nerve-shredding as the Jeff VanderMeer book on which it is based.

Portman told Screenrant: “Well I’m such a big fan of Alex Garland, of his writing and his directing and so I was just excited to get to work with him and interact with him and then the script was just unlike anything I had ever read before.

“It really does make you think about so many things and makes connections between different ideas that I hadn’t made myself.

“And then also has all these women in the lead roles which you just never see on film and it’s such a simple thing but it feels so radical.”

The film has had encouraging reviews, with an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Rolling Stone said: “You work out the answers in your own head, in your own time, in your own dreams, where the best sci-fi puzzles leave things. Get ready to be rocked.”

Entertainment Weekly agreed, giving an A- grade. “A lavish, magnificently unnerving visual feast threaded through with well-earned jump scares and real metaphysical force,” they summarised.

Annihilation streams on Netflix in the UK from March 12.

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