Eddie Jones video: WATCH England coach called a ‘c***’ by fans before Man Utd vs Chelsea | Rugby Union | Sport


Jones had watched in Edinburgh as Scotland centre Huw Jones scored two tries in a 25-13 win over the Six Nations champions, the first time the Scots had beaten their fierce rivals in a decade.

The Australian coach then took a train to Manchester on Sunday morning to watch Manchester United take on Chelsea at Old Trafford alongside Red Devils legend Sir Alex Ferguson.

However, before he even reached the ground, Jones was approached by fans at Manchester Oxford Road train station, who initially asked for a photo with the 58-year-old.

The video shows Jones agreeing to the request before the supporters, one of whom appears to speak with a thick Scottish accent, are joined by more people in the photo.


After the picture, the rugby coach moves towards the car that is there to pick him up at which point the fans turn against him, with one of them shouting “what about last night ya baldy c***!”.

And Jones, who travelled without a security detail, admitted afterwards he was unlikely to do the same again.

“If you’re in a position of responsibility you’ve got to be careful what you say because if you talk about hate and you talk about rubbing peoples’ noses in the dirt, and all those sorts of things, it incites certain behaviours, and are they the sorts of behaviours that we want to see?” said Jones.

“I’m a human being. I don’t consider myself any different from anyone else. For me to travel on public transport, I thought was okay.

“But I’ll make sure I won’t in future. It’s as simple as that. I can’t because it was shown on Sunday what happens when I do. It wasn’t comfortable.

“I never knock back a request for a selfie unless I’m racing to somewhere. So I try and do the right thing by the fans but if that happens then you’ve got to have a look at your own safety. That’s the world we live in.

“As an Australian coaching England, there were always going to be challenges and that’s just one of them.”

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