Don’t want to miss shows on Hulu when traveling? Get a VPN

Get a VPN when travelling and watch movies from your home country
Get a VPN when travelling and watch movies from your home country

If you love a night of TV marathon and are a certified binge-watcher, you’ll know that no cable service gives you access to as large a TV show archive as Hulu. The Hulu app allows you to stream and access a vault full of content any time, new and old. It is a vault that offers access to premium live channels, movies, and Hulu originals. Just last year, Hulu gained almost half a million subscribers, in part due to the Emmy’s winning original series – The Handmaid’s Tale.

But without a VPN, you won’t have access to Hulu outside U.S and Japan. Like a lot of other streaming services, there is a geo-restriction in place to block access from foreign territories to maintain exclusivity to domestic subscribers.To bypass that, you can get a VPN to change your IP (internet protocal) address by choosing a VPN server to a location that best suits your needs.

What else does a VPN do?

A good VPN does not only bypass geo-blocking, it can take your streaming experience to the next level with its blazing fast speeds and throttle-free streaming. How? The VPN’s traffic encryption prevents ISPs from throttling your bandwidth when you’re streaming content.

ExpressVPN is dubbed ‘the fasted VPN around’, a speed test champion ideal for streaming. It’s compatible with Windows, iOs/Apple, Linux, Mac, Android, and even with routers. This means that you can stream Hulu all across your devices from mobile phones to tablets, desktops, and laptops. You may also watch it on media consoles and Wi-Fi enabled devices that you’re unable configure using ExpressVPN’s router. If you’re still undecided, here are a few features to benchmark a VPN. Think about what you need when choosing your VPN provider, and see if the app measure up!

Choose your ExpressVPN desired location
Choose your ExpressVPN desired location
  • High speed
  • Traffic encryption (go for Advanced Encryption Standard)
  • Works across all devices
  • Uncapped bandwidth and priority traffic
  • Unblocks censored content
  • Customer support round-the-clock
  • Free-trials

Even with a VPN, there are chances you could still be blocked, as Hulu’s VPN ban is even more advanced than Netflix’s. Hulu, along with many other streaming platforms blocks connection from known VPN servers, which means that IP addresses on these servers shared by everyone connected to the node are barred from accessing its exclusive content. To work around this, an advanced and proactive VPN provider would have a few servers on demand that can bypass the VPN or proxy ban. To find out which one, contact customer service of your provider. So, on top of the 7 features to look out for, if you’re looking for a VPN specifically to stream Hulu with, always check if these are met:

  • Carries servers not blocked by Hulu
  • Plenty of locations in the U.S.
  • Highly responsive customer service


ExpressVPN watch tv from your home country
ExpressVPN watch tv from your home country


How to stream Hulu with ExpressVPN

If ExpressVPN is your choice of service provider, here’s a simple 3-steps guide on how to stream Hulu with ExpressVPN:

  1. Get ExpressVPN by signing up and selecting among our premium plans.
  2. Connect to one of our US servers.
  3. Enjoy a throttle-free Hulu streaming of your favorite movies and tv shows in high definition.

With this short guide, you’re all set to stream Hulu with a VPN. Always remember, a paid service is much more reliable than a free one in terms of its service and data usage. Even if security is not your priority (when it should be!), when a service is free, you are the commodity! Go for a trusted provider, and we recommend ExpressVPN. Happy streaming!

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