Does “Love island” impact on body image? – BBC News


Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson, Michelle Elman from ‘Be Real’ campaign and Plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer on Impact, discussing beauty standards and …



  1. The majority of the younger generation and even a good percentage of 25-40 year olds just copy everything they see on Social Media and Reality TV, they all look the same, they all drees the same, they all talk the same, they all have the same hobbies, they all love themselves and they all go out with the same kind of partner, they are sheep and don't even realise it..

  2. They been have saying that about women in the media as far back as the 60's! I remember it in the 80's when we had only 3 channels and women read vogue and it was vogue that was no good for women's image.

    Women arent good for other women's body image. they are just jealous of each other.

  3. Can you believe Ruth smith of Gillingham won't even tell me how my own mother committed suicide? Its true, it's true, Yvonne my mother would often wail about how her family refused to help her when my father was at his alcoholic worst and most abusive, it's almost as if they'd killed my mother themselves

  4. Even sally fisher of canterbury my own aunt has disowned me, I'm too much of a problem for my family to even acknowledge as existing, because with don't fit in, a family that's more than wealthy enough o care for their autistic nephew who has no surviving parents, but theyre all drunk and cold hearted

  5. Ewwwww what these white people turn themselves into with cosmetic surgery. FREAKSHOW. The lips injections and the way they push their lips out in pictures is nothing but them admitting that they are genetically gimped as they are and want to look more like the Black Gods that we all came from.

  6. My parents spent every penny they could design from the government on alcohol so I went to school in cheap shoes, so I never had a girlfriend at school and I became socially outcast, no one would give me job, no one even wanted to say they knew me, I'm just resigned to spending the last 50 years of my life alone like the first 30, it's underestimated how important "normal" sexual behaviour is for things like economic success and health, I feel like I'm going to be sick 12 hours a day

  7. Britains just so full of fat and stupid women, and I'm too broke to afford good ones or to move, ie just resigned myself to begging, because ive got no motivation to work, like on less than 30k a year I'd never find anyone, so I just dropped out, what's the motivation to earn 15k a year? Why would I do that? If I starve I'll be taken to hospital and force fed, so I can afford to live in a shared house and take abuse from people? There's no point in earning 15k a year


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